Netflix caused the demise of Blockbuster Video. E-commerce made Toys R’ Us a retailer of the past. Who uses a disposable camera anymore? What do all of these have in common. The march of technological progress has created tools and options that are faster, easier, and simply more convenient. Logistics companies who fail to innovate and utilize the technological tools available to them to provide customers with a faster and more efficient experience are fated to be the Blockbuster Videos and Toys R’ Us stores, and disposable cameras of the future. X2 Logistics Networks has partnered with ConsolFreight to provide its members with a tool to help prepare for the future and remain relevant in the industry.
ConsolFreight is a platform for cargo consolidators and co-loaders that interconnects them with the shared objective of making cargo consolidation cost effective while shortening the transit times. The combined volume of all users contributes to individual savings through collective platform utilisation. ConsolFreight’s patent pending ConsolSmart uses algorithms to provide users with cost savings and more efficient operations. One of the most interesting aspects for users is likely the ability to request new trade lanes.
Through X2’s formation of a strategic partnership with ConsolFreight X2 is providing its network members with a tool to increase operations efficiency and also a platform to prepare for what very well could be the future of freight consolidation and freight forwarding in a broader sense. According to X2 Group CEO & Founder Richard Overton, “Everything started to come together as we were preparing for our 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018. During the event we introduced the platform to get a feel for how it might be received and the feedback was positive. Now we have a full strategic partnership in place and something that I think will really help our members prepare for the future.”
At the time of writing the ConsolFreight platform has limited availability but you can apply to get a head start by registering via