Export Packing is a vital part of importing or exporting goods. Without it, a very small percentage of goods would make it to their destination intact. Whilst in transit your cargo will encounter many hazards, even during the shortest of journeys.   Export Packing requires knowledge of how goods are transported, and an understanding of what dangers are present in order to protect them.

The risk of damage is higher during International transportation as your goods will be handled multiple times. If inadequately packed the risk of damage is dramatically increased; which will impact your company’s reputation and can be costly in terms of the remedial action required in order to pacify your customer.

How to reduce risk

The packing required for shipment greatly depends on the kind of product, the mode of transportation and the facilities at the loading and receiving points. For example shipments by sea would typically require extensive packing and moisture protection due to the longer transit time and the fact they are usually handled multiple times; more than with other modes of transportation. Air freight would require lightweight packaging whilst still being able to offer excellent protection. Safety regulations and specific requirements of individual clients and countries also have to be considered and adhered to.

Export packing requires specialist knowledge

Each and every customer and consignment has a unique requirement which warrants a unique solution. At International Export Packers we consider all aspects of your shipment from design to completion.

Our warehouse staff has many years of experience in crafting the bespoke, quality cases that we offer. Each case is specifically designed to the particular customer’s needs, no matter the size or shape of the item

Our facilities are some of the best in the UK, with multiple cranes with up to 50 tonne capacity and heavy fork lift trucks in operation. We also have a very experienced team of mobile site packers who will pack, load and despatch at your premises, avoiding the need to transport your cargo to our site. This is particularly useful for some of the fragile or Out of Gauge shipments that we regularly pack at clients’ depots.

We can pack the smallest and most delicate of items to the heaviest and largest of loads allowed to move.   We often put our ideas forward to minimize the size of the goods to help our client in keeping their shipping costs down, as well as minimizing all our Carbon Footprint.


Export packers should be committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner by observing the principle to Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle.  Where appropriate, all our materials are obtained from renewable sources.