With Boris Johnson’s new Conservative majority set to plough forward with leaving the EU on January 31st 2020, we thought we would take a look at what this might mean for Britain’s logistics industry.  K9patrol compiled this infographic and the facts within it to inform our customer base, any arguments made by this evidence is incidental and does not reflect our political opinions as a business. 

Much uncertainty still lies ahead regarding Brexit and logistics especially. Delays, new regulations and potential diplomatic breakdowns between the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the EU are all very real threats posed to logistics. Cargo security in particular will be a major concern, goods that would otherwise be in transit may have to be sold on or delayed for long periods of time in foreign countries. With the EU receiving 50% of our exports, we should take the risk that uncertainty poses to our cargo very seriously. 

So what can be done? It’s our hope to help our clients navigate potential future hazards and better understand the key political decisions that might affect them and their business.


Brexit strategy