An international trading company maintains a staff of experts who cover all aspects of import and export on behalf of its clients. They are in charge of the underlying operations and procedures including finding global markets as well as brand representation.

Such companies often maintain a private distribution network. They work with suppliers and manufacturers to sell their products in different countries with target demographics using their distribution network.

International trading companies often work with huge production volumes and bulk quantities for items like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food products, and raw materials.

Below are a few services you can expect from an international trading business:

  • Identifying suppliers in different countries in need of huge volumes of generic and brand products
  • Negotiating the details of the sale, supply, and product delivery
  • Taking care of transportation and logistics
  • Handling financial arrangements including supplier-exporter payment
  • Distribution of products through a retail network
  • Managing barriers and customs of international trade

The Top Things to Look for in an International Trading Company

Inquiry to Delivery

There must be open lines of communication to keep the supplier guided every step of the way. There must be expert staff across all departments including logistics, accounting, financing, labeling, purchasing, and sales to take care of inquiry to delivery.

Dedication to Maintaining a Long Term Partnership

The company should be in it for the long haul. Maintaining a healthy relationship for years to come should be at the forefront of their values, and you and your company should feel like they are being heard.

Tailored Experiences

A promising international trading company should offer a customized experience to its client. Perhaps it’s their first time dabbling in the international export market.

Or, perhaps they need help working payment and logistics arrangements with an existing account via contract. Regardless, there should be a tailor-made service package in place to offer a unique experience.

Knowledge of Foreign Culture and Language

At times you need linguistic and cross-cultural knowledge before you can access overseas retailers. An international trading company maintains a multilingual staff with adequate cultural knowledge that helps with communication and contract handling. Such knowledge also removes the chances of brand misrepresentation.

Direct-to-Retail Relationships

Having a direct relationship with retailers allows companies to maintain better control of how the brand is represented. It also helps to keep the cost-to-consumers low, which is vital for the success of many types of products.

No Required Contracts

International trading companies should have a no-required contracts policy. Many exporters tend to lock their suppliers for years without placing international orders. In conclusion, beware of this!

Who is ATI (American Trading International)?

ATI (American Trading International) is an American Export Trading Company that is committed to facilitating international trade on behalf of its clients with cultural sensitivity and international awareness. This U.S.-based company was established in 1995 and has been functional for over 26 years.

It deals with exporting food and beverage products (both brand names and generic) to more than 80 markets on the global landscape.

These are the 5 major food product categories that ATI deals in:

  • Name Brand Products: A brand-name product is one that is created by a well-known company and has the company’s label on it. An example of this would be Coke or Head & Shoulders.
  • Private Label Products: Private label products are ones that are created by one company and sold under the brand of another. Private-label products can be found in a variety of industries, from food to cosmetics. Store brands or own brands are private label brands handled only by a retailer for sale in a certain network of stores. Two examples of private label brands are Freshly or American Classic Foods.
  • Generic / Value Products: Generic goods are commodities that are identified solely by their basic product type rather than by a specific brand. Many stores sell generic goods at lower prices than brand-name ones. Generic soft drinks, for example, are frequently less expensive than brand-name soft drinks such as Coke or Pepsi.
  • Food Services: Food services refers to the consumption of food and beverages outside of the home. Consumers go to food service outlets for a variety of reasons, including convenience, the opportunity to try new foods and tastes, to celebrate, and to socialize. Food service encompasses a wide range of eating occasions and locations, including restaurants, hotels, cafes, and more.
  • Bulk Ingredients: Bulk foods are big-quantity foods that can be purchased in huge bulk lots or transported from a bulk container to a smaller container for purchase. Food items such as nuts, spices, grocery items, chocolates, and beverages are examples of bulk food ingredients. Bulk food ingredients are accessible in both processed and unprocessed forms. Whole food ingredients refer to bulk food ingredients.

ATI Philosophy

American Trading International (ATI) puts great emphasis on strengthening brand awareness in international markets. The company is not a parallel trader, diverter, or wholesaler. It’s just as much as brand representation as it is about sealing a deal.

The company maintains a highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff that is focusing on brand representation and growth. The staff members carry multicultural and multilingual knowledge; often stemming from having lived or worked in the target country.

This kind of knowledge allows them to work with cultural sensitivity while dealing with foreign partners. The staff at ATI speaks over 30 languages including Czech, Tagalog, Urdu, Portuguese, Punjabi, Korean, German, Swedish, Russian, Mandarin, Slovak, and so many more.

This team of experts will streamline the whole export process for their clients.

ATI Technology Capabilities

American Trading International uses the following software as part of its technological capabilities:

  • ATI uses SAP – the #1 resource management software for enterprises. SAP happens to be the world leader in offering solutions for professional services, manufacturing, and distribution. With the help of this software, ATI can predict future trends and manage the supply accordingly for an optimal product flow; right from the quotation phase through to final delivery.
  • HubSpot is another world-leading CRM software that ATI uses to streamline pipelines. The software also helps with managing customer relationships. HubSpot helps manufacturers communicate better from a data perspective and it better allows them to meet the customer expectation and needs. With just one look, the software tells everything happening across all regions for all company accounts.
  • com is another project management tool in ATI’s arsenal. It allows the company to streamline some of the most complicated processes that surround almost all collaborative endeavours around Logistics, Sales, and Product Development.

The software offers cross-departmental insight along with actionable tasks. By simplifying and streamlining cross-departmental awareness; all teams can work with the finest efficiency and latest insight on accounts. The analytics and reporting on the dashboard offer immediate insight and performance metrics.

Logistics (in-house services)

ATI works with some of the largest international shipping lines in the world which allows them to fulfil and maintain large volume service contracts.

The logistics department takes care of all inland transportation in the country via rail to port or truck right from the warehouse, plant, or distribution centre to its eventual overseas destination.

There’s often complex documentation involved with overseas trade. The logistics team at ATI has enough experience to handle even the most intricate documentation and paperwork.

Other Benefits

Here are some of the other capabilities and services that ATI offers –

  • Working with a huge network of warehouses across the country
  • Many US manufacturers find it difficult to change their date codes at a later stage. ATI can arrange for a more flexible foreign compliant stickering, date coding, etc.
  • ATI handles export shipments that come with special requirements including refrigerated cargo, hazardous shipment, and bonded warehousing.

The Bottom Line

So, that was a brief overview of what international trading companies do and how ATI comes into the picture.

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