The Webfleet Brake Performance Report, engineered to monitor trailer brake performance remotely, has met the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) standard for Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring Systems (EBPMS).

The integral component of Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management platform allows fleet operators to effectively monitor the status of their trailers’ brakes at all times.

Continuous data capture from a trailer’s EBS (Electronic Braking System) not only enhances road safety, but also helps cut the cost of fleet downtime by reducing the need for traditional quarterly rolling brake tests.

The solution makes it easier to identify trailers with EBS issues, with a graphical report enabling performance values and trends to be tracked over time.

“This achievement affirms our commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions and marks a significant step in enhancing road safety and operational efficiency for UK fleets,” said Beverley Wise, Webfleet Regional Director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.

The announcement comes in the wake of the DVSA’s updated Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, which has served to reemphasise the importance of brake testing.

From April 2025, laden roller brake tests or EBPMS will be the only accepted methods for brake testing, with few exceptions.

Wise added: “Bridgestone Mobility Solutions is at the forefront of compliance with these impending regulations, ensuring that fleet operators are equipped with the best tools to meet the standards.”

“By incorporating the reporting solution into their operations, businesses can look forward to a more streamlined, efficient, and safer fleet management experience.”

A Webfleet webinar on Thursday February 22 – The Road To Compliance: A deep dive into trailer management – will offer fleet operators an opportunity to discover more about brake performance reporting and trailer management.

Source: webfleet