Nobody likes a poor website. Weak design, difficult navigation, overwhelming content, slow loading images: these are all factors that could be dragging your website – and subsequently business – down. Not convinced? Studies have shown that 38% of visitors will exit a website if the layout is unattractive or the content isn’t engaging. This could be problematic for e-commerce-led industries like freight. Is your website the reason your company could be missing out on business?

How do you ensure your website is at its optimum quality for a user-friendly experience? 

You need to remember that your website homepage is essentially your “shop front”. In freight and logistics, it’s very rare you’ll have a physical shop front. Your website is the number one place users (and potential customers) will visit before making a decision to invest in your services. The overall growth of online trade has significantly increased, estimating that by 2040, around 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce. Therefore, it’s surely a no-brainer that your website should be your number one priority. Are you likely to visit a dingy, old fashioned store that has nothing to offer on display? When it’s as easy as reverting to the next Google search result, you want to make sure you’re the brand freighters decide to stick with. 

Okay, I hear you, but where do I start?

Finding the right web developer can be a challenge in itself. You wouldn’t get your hair cut by a sheep sheerer, so why get your freight website designed by just a general web developer? Freight forwarding is a niche industry, so it’s important that your web developer understands the nuts and bolts of the industry. Representing the freight sector isn’t just about plastering each page with aeroplanes and ships. While some freight companies choose to refrain from the cliché “trucks and ships” imagery, others embrace a traditional freight style. In order to stand out, it’s imperative for your web developer to appreciate the balance between your company and its services and keeping up with the latest news and trends in the sector. 


Specialising in both freight and web development, is an end-to-end service, specifically developed and tailored to the logistics sector. Giving as much or little assistance required, jargon-based terms such as web hosting, SEO, backlinks and canonical links won’t seem so daunting if you’re not specialised in web design. 

Marketing research reveals that 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Furthermore, 48% of people ranked website design as the most important factor when deciding the credibility of a business. 

Sometimes, an in-depth discussion is what it takes to work out how your site might benefit from a makeover. Whilst it may seem like appearance is everything, there’s much more to consider when looking to improve the quality of your website. If you want your company to reach the first page of Google’s search results using general search terms, you need to consider factors such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Refreshed, unique content and being clued up about strategic backlinks could really boost your website’s traffic stats.

Covering web design, web development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), hosting, maintenance, support, social media marketing and logo/brand design, is built by a team of specialists who truly care about the freight industry. Offering a combination of sector knowledge and professional, experienced web developers, your website is safe in our freight industry specialist hands. No misinterpretation, no hassle, no bull. Just the perfect formula of expert knowledge and passion.

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine