Volga-Dnepr Group (VDG), one of the leading group of air freight carriers, and its strategic partner CargoLogicAir (CLA), the British all-cargo carrier, have inked a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation with Liege Airport, one of the fastest developing European airports, with the aim to strengthen their positions in the European market through development of a regional hub and enhancement of freighter capacity.

Within the next three to five years the three parties will join their efforts in establishing a regional hub for VDG and CLA freighter operations with the provision of efficient cargo handling for up to 30 cargo flights per week, including for special cargoes which are of high demand among their customers. All the flights will be supported by maintenance facilities to be organized on the airport’s premises.

Liege airport, which has been favored by many cargo carriers recently, will support both companies in opening up new routes and establishing the communication channel with competent government authorities for smooth operations both with other comingled airports of Europe, as well as worldwide. On top of this, Liege Airport will provide VDG and CLA with sufficient ground handling, warehousing and office areas for smooth coordination and operation of freighter flights.

“I wish to thank Liege Airport for their enthusiasm and teamwork. This has helped us to reach this agreement so quickly, and will create new opportunities for our customers worldwide by guaranteeing more smooth, seamless, and efficient delivery options,” – highlighted Alexey Isaykin, President of Volga-Dnepr Group.

David Kerr, Chief Executive Officer of CargoLogicAir said: “The development of a European hub in Liege will support our existing network, boost our cargo services, covering major catchment areas of Europe for the convenience of our customers. We will be able to guarantee high-end services based on reliable partnership with Liege airport, which is not only one of the most cargo-friendly airports, but also shows significant steps of development in air cargo handling – the area of paramount importance for carriers which aim for quality, speed, and safety.”

An additional capacity of 300,000 Tonnes!

Luc Partoune, Chief Executive Officer of Liege Airport said: ‘Liege Airport is looking forward to growing the cooperation with all members of the Volga-Dnepr Group and its strategic partner. We believe that, each on our level, both Liege Airport and VD Group are investing in cargo, and are focused on cargo and logistics 100%.

From LGG point of view, the AirBridgeCargo hub adds 23,000 m² first line warehouse, 4,000 m² offices, and an additional capacity of approximately 300,000 tonnes. The development of the airport outpaces the actual investments plan. Being the Flexport, and with investments filly focused on addition cargo capacity, we are happy to adapt to the demands.

The #freightersfirst policy of Liege Airport and the already impressive operation, enforced by the announcement of additional freighter capacity, support each other. VD Group and Liege Airport share the cargo DNA and we are looking forward to a successful future.”

The joint work will be organized through working project groups to strengthen communication and negotiation, discuss and finalize the cooperation details, work out specific programs, and carry out the regular review to drive implementation of relevant measures.