NVOCC broadens presence in strategic markets in response to growing customer demand
CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 19, 2022–UWL, a top 20 American-owned NVOCC and global logistics solutions provider, is expanding its global footprint with the opening of two new strategically located offices: one in Long Beach, CA and one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In addition to enabling localized support to meet customer demand in these markets, this strategic investment also sets the stage for UWL’s continued growth.

UWL, part of the World Group family of transportation and logistics companies, experienced record-breaking container volume in 2021 and is poised to continue to grow through innovative customer-centric solutions, enhanced services, and geographic expansion.

“As UWL has expanded our global ocean services, we have had to move west and to the far east to support those services,” said Duncan Wright, UWL President. “With highly disruptive supply chains, our customers need us to have boots on the ground to help coordinate shipments and ensure they get the space and equipment to move freight. Strengthening our position in these markets answers the call from our customers looking to us as their logistics solutions partner to offer both local support and a global perspective.”

“As the industry diversifies trade route options, we are confident our investment in Long Beach and Ho Chi Minh City will meet the needs of our current customer base as well as set the stage for future growth,” added Wright.

According to World Shipping Council 2020 rankings, the Port of Long Beach is firmly established as the second largest container port in North America based on total container volume. The Port of Ho Chi Minh City is the 26th largest container port in the world, and North American container volume out of Vietnam increased 32% in 2021 compared to 2020. That growth is projected to increase as the industry looks to diversify its trading routes.

“The commitment to our partners on the ground in Vietnam and Southern California is at the heart of our decision to put a team in place in these markets. We see this as an investment in our customers, our company, and our future,” Evan Hartman, Senior VP of International Operations for UWL. “Our goal for today and tomorrow is to be where our customers need us, offering the customized, hands-on support they require to navigate a highly volatile logistics environment.”

As an asset-based NVOCC, UWL has introduced additional technology and end-to-end services to respond to customers’ needs and address marketplace challenges. Its sister company, World Distribution Services (WDS), recently secured a brand-new 303,000 sq ft distribution facility in the Pacific Northwest, giving customers an additional destination option as well as distribution options.

“For more than 60 years, our organization has worked to get ahead of market trends, providing forward-thinking solutions to our customers while supporting supply chain fluidity. This expansion into Long Beach and Ho Chi Minh City is the latest example of our people understanding where the market is going, anticipating customer needs, and developing solutions to keep freight moving. We will continue to explore and leverage opportunities that expand our customer service offerings and align with our strategic growth plans,” said Fred Hunger, Chairman of World Group, parent company of UWL and WDS.