UCH Logistics is a dynamic, customer-focused provider of specialist transport services to the freight forwarding industry. Having been established in the industry for over 21 years, it has built an enviable reputation for offering a holistic and reliable time-sensitive and next-day deliveries service at competitive prices.

UCH Logistics is always looking for innovative solutions to customer requirements. UCH offers a unique angle on its provision of Customs brokerage. Leveraging the combined years of experience of its staff, UCH Logistics is the ideal party to handle Customs Brokerage. But that is not its unique selling point.

Its unique selling point is that Customs Brokerage through the Heathrow-based logistics company is a trade-only service that brings real peace of mind to their forwarder clientele. With UCH Logistics, freight forwarders know they are dealing with freight industry professionals who in turn only deal with freight professionals. This means freight forwarder customers can then offer a cost-plus Customs Brokerage service to their own clients with minimal administration and full certainty of the service that will be provided. The company has a dedicated Customs Brokerage team offering a 24/7 service at both its London and Manchester branches.

Qualified and professional
Clearances are expedited by qualified and experienced staff to ensure an efficient clearance process. Not only does this ease headaches suffered by the freight forwarder but allows them to pass the time-saving on to their clients.

Following the end of free movement to and from the EU, road freight Customs Brokerage has been increasing steadily at UCH Logistics. For decades, goods flowed freely into and out of the UK by road.

This was first solely by ferry across the Channel. Later, trains through the Eurotunnel took some of the cargo on trucks.

The disappearance of this frictionless free movement since Brexit has found many logistics companies and lacking staff that are qualified or experienced in Customs Brokerage. Freight forwarders and their clients bemused or troubled by the new Customs regime and its complex rules and regulations can rely on UCH Logistics to get the job done.

In terms of airfreight, this has not been impacted as much by Brexit to a large extent. Airfreight to and often originates or is destined for non-EU countries. That is why in terms of air freight clearances, UCH Logistics’ volumes and procedures have remained relatively unchanged since pre-Brexit levels. However, this is an area of business UCH Logistics is looking to grow – the benefits of the service to their clients are the same as for road clearances.

Customs Brokerage at UCH Logistics is definitely a growing function but is just one of a portfolio of services that UCH Logistics provides from its multiple depots. Services currently offered by UCH Logistics are as follows:

Same Day Specials – UCH Logistics offers a fast, efficient and reliable same day delivery service throughout the UK. Next Day Delivery – UCH Logistics is a national carrier, specialising in next working day deliveries or collections across the UK.

– UCH Logistics has 125,000 square feet of strategically located warehouse space, including 10,000 square feet of ETSF capacity at London Heathrow and 3000 square feet at Manchester airport a combined volume of around 5.5 million kilos, which operates on a 24/7 basis.

Export Packing – UCH Export Packers is the group’s dedicated packing division, specialising in export packing, dangerous goods packing and offering bespoke case making.

Temperature Control – UCH Cold Chain, the company’s Temperature Controlled division provides a multi-temperature solution for frozen, chilled and ambient cargo.

X-Ray/ETD/FREDD/Remote ETD – UCH’s Export facilities utilise the latest security screening technology. The company possesses its own X-ray and ETD onsite, as well as remote ETD. The company also has FREDDs (Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs), offering a less intrusive method of screening.

Working closely
It can come as no surprise that managers and staff are determined to remain the provider of choice for those importing and exporting to and from the UK. That is why UCH Logistics works closely with HMRC and Border Force officers to ensure those who engage the company to handle their Customs Brokerage receive a seamless service.

UCH Logistics’ fully accredited ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility) enables cost-effective control of client consignments using specifically approved software systems that are linked directly to the UK centralised Customs system. These facilities are equipped to support customers with their T1 creation and discharge for European movements.

Customers turn to UCH Logistics for its knowledge and experience when needing Customs Brokerage for their shipments. They return because they know it makes sense.