As the global e-commerce market develops apace, a significant increase in the number of small business start-ups is being seen.

Often they have limited resources and are looking for cost effective behind-the-scenes assistance with order fulfilment, plus associated logistics and administration operations.

In response, the U-Freight Group has launched e+ Solutions, a new product to assist such small businesses with their logistics needs.

The company has also created a new website for its e+ Solutions product, which can be seen here:

The new e+ Solutions service, which will initially be offered from U-Freight’s e-commerce fulfilment centre (EFC) in Hong Kong, offers a comprehensive e-commerce logistics package: from dedicated storage space for the entrepreneurs’ products, to order processing and fulfilment services, including final delivery to customers.

But most importantly, it offers the owners of these small start-up e-commerce businesses the constant support of a workforce that already has significant experience in fulfilling e-commerce orders on an international level.

U-Freight’s wholly owned e-commerce fulfilment center (EFC) already has the necessary hardware for storing and order processing, plus the associated software that is required for system integration and end-to-end data transparency. A wide range of value-added or customised services are also available.

By using e+ Solutions, these small entrepreneurs have more time to concentrate on adding value to their products and optimising their marketing and sales development initiatives.

They will benefit from complete data transparency, with real time inventory updates, plus web and mobile app access for immediate management and status updates of order instructions, plus subsequent live reporting of delivery tracking.

The customers of these small start-up e-commerce entrepreneurs will receive push notifications on order status, and the service will be backed by a ‘live chat’ facility enabling instant customer services follow up.

And, of course, those small business start-ups who have regular orders and want to expand their business to overseas markets, can take confidence from the fact that the U-Freight group has been successfully providing international freight forwarding services for the last 50 years.

U-Freight Group chief executive officer, Simon Wong says: “We are seeing a growth in the number of online channels and platforms dedicated to e-commerce, which small entrepreneurs are using to sell their own designs and products.”

“Competition in logistics is fierce. Finding and capitalising on niche sectors of the business is key to success.

“That has been a fundamental characteristic of the U-Freight Group during our 50-year history.

“e+ Solutions is another example of how we are utilising technology and infrastructure to help deliver bespoke logistics solutions.”