The U-Freight Group (UFL) – – has seen its North American E-commerce Fulfillment Centre (EFC) being named as one of the most valuable by the China Cross Border Electronic Commerce Professional Committee.

Diana Peng, Vice President of the Hong Kong-based freight forwarding and logistics company UFL received the award at the recent Global E-Commerce Conference held during the China International Fair for Investment and Trade in Xiamen.

Comments the company’s CEO, Simon Wong: “U-Freight has been a pioneer in developing logistics services for the e-commerce market, which resulted in us being early-qualified by China Customs and CIQ as a licensed Cross-border E-Commerce Enterprise, as well as a Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Service Provider.

“With an extremely strong e-commerce logistics set-up in China, U-Freight has committed to investing in redevelopments at a number of its warehouses around the world to better equip them to handle the logistics associated with the ever-growing global e-commerce business.

“As part of that we have invested in developing enhanced facilities at our EFC in USA, which has been rewarded by our being named as one of the most valuable North America EFC by the China Cross Border Electronic Commerce Professional Committee.

“We have a system that can connect e-commerce / e-shop platforms with relevant customs authorities and, which delivers data transparency. This is something that is on offer at all of our facilities around the world that offer e-commerce logistics services.

“The e-commerce industry, led by China, is a new engine of growth for the global economy, and the value of global e-commerce transactions will only rise with increasing internet penetration and recognition.

“China is leading the way and e-commerce trading in China reached 26.1 trillion yuan (USD3.8 trillion) in 2016. Cross-border e-commerce surpassed 5 trillion yuan, up 28.2 percent, statistics from the 2016-17 Chinese E-commerce Development Report show.

“The report also said that by June this year, the number of online shopping customers in China reached 514 million, 10.2 percent higher than in December 2016.

“In the future, cross-border e-commerce will become a new growth point, thanks to the business environment fostered by China’s Belt and Road Initiative and structural supply side reform in the country.

“The coming years will also see the integration of online and offline services, as well as more intelligent and innovative online retail sales models.

“IT technology, including cloud computing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, will play a more important part in the whole e-commerce industry and U-Freight is positioning itself to play its part by developing e-commerce fulfilment centres that deliver cost-effective and efficient logistics services.”