On 7th July 2017 a team from DS Smith Logistics (Tuxford) attended their local school’s summer fair, teaching children the importance of cycle safety through educational games.

Building relationships with the local community and spreading the DS Smith culture of health and safety has been a priority for the Tuxford Logistics site. These links have not only helped the local community and boosted awareness of the DS Smith brand, but they have also built a sense of pride within the team and they thoroughly enjoy getting involved.

To find out about H&S risks from the lorry drivers’ perspective, children had to guide a remote controlled lorry around a track lined with the hazards of other lorries, cyclists on their bikes and even a plane (all made from cardboard by DS Smith colleagues). The track went around the DS Smith Supply Cycle from Recycling to Paper and then into Packaging before looping back to Recycling. This exciting challenge and the attractive set up of bunting, banners, cardboard dinosaurs and a life-size DS Smith lorry, soon encouraged the children to participate. Once the children had successfully completed the course they were given a card cut-out DS Smith driving licence, headed with safety mascot Boxy.

A forklift challenge also began with a scale model, fully functioning forklift. If the children could lift a small box and pallet on top of a larger box, and then down again, then they received their forklift driving licence.

At the end of the event, high-vis jackets were handed out to increase these young cyclists’ visibility in traffic.

It was with great pride that DS Smith Logistics (Tuxford) were able to support our local community and neighbours at their school summer fair. We used a scale model of a DS Smith Logistics truck to teach children the importance of cycle safety, whilst demonstrating the Supply Cycle of DS Smith.

Darren Luetchford, Operations Manager, DS Smith Logistics