• On show Trelleborg XP1000, CX940, XP800 tires – made to power today’s fast-moving, high-pressure logistics and port challenges
  • From March 5-7, Trelleborg tires team will show logistics operators how to handle heavier loads and longer workdays with greater efficiency and less waste with a wide range of tires made for material handling – at Stand #O88 

Trelleborg tires will show the logistics sector how high performing tires can boost material handling operations, by lowering costs, handling high speeds with greater stability and driver comfort at Intermodal South America / Stand #O88.

On display are key tire solutions for the material handling industry, including the XP1000: the perfect tire for warehouse operations, shop floors and any material handling ground service. Made for maximum intensity applications, the XP1000 tire is suitable for both electric and internal combustion counterbalanced forklift trucks. To support medium intensity operations in all indoor and outdoor conditions, the XP800 tire is key to reach the highest performance on counterbalanced forklifts maintaining, at the same time, the cost control.

Interlogistics and port professionals will see the latest tire technologies for powerful port applications: the CX940 tire specifically designed to fit port vehicles such as reach stackers for maximum intensity applications; the XP1000 made to fit other vehicles moving around ports including port trailers and container handler.

Marcelo Natalini, President of Yokohama TWS South America, remarks: “Trelleborg tires is constantly working to put tire technology advancements in the hands of logistics operators. We bring decades of experience to South America, offering longer lasting compounds and improved tread designs made to handle even the most demanding operations. With local production and a more sustainable design, we can get these tires faster to places where they’re needed most – making Trelleborg tires the preferred choice for material handling performance; whether our customers are working hard in warehouses or moving tons of merchandise around massive shipyards.”

When it comes to managing maximum intensity logistics, the Trelleborg XP1000 tire has been designed for superior performance in terms of mileage, durability, fuel consumption, stability and comfort. It is the perfect tire to meet the challenge of today’s interlogistics jobs. Its special incorporated Pit Stop Line technology lets fleet managers know when to replace their tires, reducing unnecessary downtime and waste while improving operator safety.

The XP1000 is produced locally and comes with an advanced tread designed for sustainable success: the lightweight tire features an innovative fibercompound made from recycled materials, saving 866 tons per year on new materials alone, while decreasing CO2 emissions by up to 110 tons per year.

Made for medium intensity applications, the XP800 is engineered to maximize performance while minimizing operating costs. Its unique, patented tread pattern has a wide central contact area, a “zig-zag” profile and lateral block design and very deep lugs. All features that work to ensure better indoor maneuvering and minimal vibration while providing exceptional traction outdoors, thereby optimizing vehicle productivity and operator comfort.

Impressive power for intense port operations

Intermodal South America visitors will discover Trelleborg tire’s newest addition for maximum intensity port vehicles, like reach stackers: the CX940 range. With greater global demand bringing larger and larger ships to port carrying more and more containers, loading and unloading at top speeds with smoother handling and better endurance is key.

The CX940 brings new power to busy ports, harbors and even heavy industry. Made with an extra robust casing and optimized tread design, the tire ensures high stability, excellent traction and superior load distribution. And, its wear-resistant compound reduces risk of cuts and punctures, maximizing tire lifespan so it outperforms even after long hours of moving materials.

To find out more about Trelleborg’s high performance tire solutions for logistics, visit: www.trelleborg-tires.com/en/products-and-solutions/material-handling

For more information about Intermodal South America 2024, the largest logistics fair in the Americas, visit: www.intermodal.com.br/pt/home.html

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