The company strengthens the intermodal transport of food products to Europe with the incorporation of a new weekly connexion.

The past two months, Transfesa Logistics has been transporting olive oil from Spain to Belgium via a new international route. It is a door-to-door intermodal connexion with two points of origin, from Seville and from Malaga. The launch of this service, that runs weekly, responds to the growing demand from the large food chains throughout Europe for this type of product.

In order to optimise transit time and offer customers maximum efficiency, the company combines its road and rail services for this traffic.

The batches of olive oil are transported by truck from origin to the logistics terminal of Almussafes (Valencia). From there they travel in containers, via Dourges, to Belgium. The final leg is also carried out by road, in order to make the delivery at the exact point indicated and provide a tailor-made express solution. With this new route for the export of olive oil, Transfesa Logistics expands its logistics coverage in the food sector, an area that’s gaining importance in its portfolio of services.

The implementation of the oil route is part of a strategy to develop door-to-door corridors from the south of Spain to numerous countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. In terms of food, in addition to this and given the interest that Spanish gastronomy and vegetable garden arouses abroad, the company is currently developing a route for the export of this type of product.

The intermodal service of direct delivery to the indicated destination anywhere in Europe is being extended to all types of goods (food products, refrigerated products, automotive, etc.). Due to requests for new connexions from Spain by clients from different sectors, Transfesa Logistics plans to continue implementing more novelties in this type of logistics operations.