Tarrant International, the temperature-controlled logistics specialist, based in Cork Ireland is using a locking device from TrailerLock which, says the company, is effective and simple to use.

Called FridgeLock, the steel device is extendable and fits most types of surface-mounted door furniture. A barrel lock, protected by a coated steel cap, needs just a half turn to open the two sections of the device, which is then clamped over each of the vertical door rods.

When firmly in place, the doors cannot be opened, and the steel structure protects against the use of bolt-croppers or crowbars – which can easily cut or prize-open a conventional padlock.

To open the doors, the driver simply removes the protective screw cap, engages the barrel key and slides the two halves of the FridgeLock apart.

“Quick, strong and uncomplicated,” says Director Fergal Tarrant. “We also use other locks but this one does the job.”

Other locks available from TrailerLock include the original and market-proven security system of the same name, for ambient semi-trailer curtainsiders and vans.  TrailerLock protects the rear doors of trailers and rigids to prevent intruders from breaking in, either when the vehicle is moving or at rest in parking areas.

TrailerLock comprises a tamper-proof steel case, anchoring bolt, security nut and pocket wrench and fits most trailers. The security device is ideal for international operators or any trailers which are carrying high value goods or likely to be left unaccompanied.

Meanwhile, for the prevention of spare wheel theft, a bespoke lock is also available. Constructed from coated steel, Spare Wheel Lock simply fits over the centre of the spare wheel and uses a single security nut and a similar small pocket wrench.

Available from the sole UK and Ireland distributor, M1 Marketing Tel: 01934 712701 or 01326 340502

Email: info@trailerlock.uk.comb Web: www.trailerlock.uk.com