NNR were recently announced by the British International Freight Association, as this year’s winners of the prestigious SPECIALIST SERVICES AWARD. 

The award was bestowed on NNR due to the ability to be resilient during the outbreak of Coronavirus; continuing with the strategic deployment of a brand-new, purpose-built, state of the art logistics fulfilment centre, whilst combatting ‘lockdown’ and the challenges it presented. NNR successfully implemented new hardware and customer-connected software, with their customary keen eye on a deadline. New ‘Application Programming Interfaces’ at their flagship fulfilment centre afforded the ability to scale-up order processing to be able to dispatch thousands of orders every day. Two-way systems integration provided a timelier positive customer experience and greater efficiency; helping NNR and its customers to thrive in a booming E-Commerce environment. 

The dedication and positivity shown by NNR throughout the difficulties of 2020 ensured these Specialist Services were available on-time. NNR Global Logistics UK were thrilled to win such an accolade from the industry trade association, among over 1500 members. The BIFA awards are strongly supported by excellent and proud organizations, recognizing innovation and excellence. The awards also represent a passion from those organizations to demonstrate why their teams are to be considered the best in the land. NNR UK Managing Director, Lee Griffiths, enthused,  It’s an absolute honour and testimony to our team’s dedication and ability to execute to a strategy and deadline. Even during the most unprecedented circumstances, we achieved the unimaginable, battling and overcoming so many challenges. We are delighted! 

Whilst logistics and Supply Chain have been severely under attack from a multitude of forces, both internal and external, NNR reacted positively to the challenges. With a resilient business, built on strong foundations for the long-term – with industry experts in situ – NNR thrived by supporting loyal customers rather than taking the short-term-high-margin opportunities available.

Highly skilled industry stalwarts were undoubtedly absolutely crucial in success. The power of technology took a momentary back seat in this respect, whilst still firmly in the driving seat with regard to facilitating remote working, customer engagement and e-commerce fulfilment. NNR’s quest remains to attract the best logistics technicians, complemented by technology brains; those that have the vision and technical expertise to transform business and industry in general. The Nishitetsu Group is fortunate to have such enterprising superstars in their team. People that enjoy both the stability of a large traditional organisation and the licence to make amazing things that will leave an indelible impression on business for the future. People that make a difference, create a legacy.

As we turned the corner into 2021, NNR gained welcome support from new household-name customers, due to a desire to find solutions for e-commerce fulfilment, Brexit challenges and ocean capacity concerns. Griffiths says the basis of their success is easy to identify: ‘Once again, our people’s creative abilities and experience were the driving force in moving cargo. However, looking back, each success story was supported by a unique technology enhancement, delivered in the blink of an eye with a sensible investment by us, for our customer.’

Currently NNR are moving swiftly forward with enhancement of visibility and customer experience platforms, providing exceptional, maybe unique, collaboration tools for order tracking and analysing data. Griffiths believes that, in all honesty, most of their customers, competitors and carriers are a fair way behind. 

It appears the majority still can’t monetise the value of removing the burden of re-keying data and perpetuating a paperless environment, yet remain prepared to invest a few hours to haggle for $25 on a container movement from Asia. 

So, the message from NNR is: low tech = low chance of survival. NNR’s digital transformation teams have the technical ability to understand the ‘what to do’ in equal measures of the ‘how to do’. The distinct advantage here is that ideas are relative and specific, and implementations, swift. The cultivation of old-school OCR techniques, complemented by data scraping programs and slick API’s make light work of sharing information between supply chain partners. That is NNR’s focus; ease of use and delightful experiences. Omotenashi as the Japanese call it.

Lee Griffiths, Managing Director, NNR Global Logistics in United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Poland & Czech Republic