Our story: Ingot is a cloud based freight forwarding solution that allows freight forwarders to connect electronically to carriers, overseas agents and customers and automate manual processes, thus improving accuracy, driving efficiency and protecting margins.

At a time when the global freight and logistics industry is rapidly digitalising as new technologies enable better ways of working, our vision is to become the digital standard for freight forwarding.

Empowering freight forwarders since 2013

Ingot founders Andy Roberts, Martin Gill, Lewis Hides and David Roff have been working together on IT solutions for the freight industry since 2013, when they developed the first platform in the UK that integrated with carriers to provide electronic data exchange (EDI) via INTTRA.

In a world that still relied on fax machines, handwritten notes and spreadsheets, the ability to see shipment information in a central place was a gamechanger. In the following years, the team added further data integrations to improve connectivity between carriers, shipping portals, hauliers and overseas agents. They even used their experience and that of their clients, to contribute to the EU research projects CORE and SELIS, providing expertise on obtaining a single point of truth in logistics data.

In response to the rise of container lines pursuing their own end-to-end software strategies, the team launched Ingot in 2018, to help small and medium sized freight forwarders compete by offering impartial, accurate tracking data and enhanced customs clearance solutions.

Building a customer-centric solution

After years immersed in the complexity of global logistics processes, the team remain every bit as excited about the possibilities presented by new technologies and how they can play a key role in transforming clients’ freight operations. This is not an exercise in tech for the sake of tech, but rather an active process to remove the friction, mistakes and lost time that can threaten the livelihoods of forwarders.

We approach your pain points by:

  • Embracing data – a single source of truth giving decision makers the right information at the right time
  • Building industry standards – enabling the use of digital tools and facilitating better communication around the world
  • Listening – to what you need, where we can provide help and support and ultimately creating a platform that is effortless to use

Looking ahead to the post-pandemic world

In 2021, the Ingot team, now 12 strong, moved to new premises in the Cotton Exchange in Liverpool where world trade continues, just in a different guise to that of the 1900s. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed just how fragile many of the world’s supply chains are and that realisation, plus the challenges and opportunities of Brexit, have turbo-boosted the digitalisation of the industry.

It has never been more important for freight forwarders to streamline their processes to maintain a competitive edge and we look forward to supporting you on your journey.  

Simplifying the process
of importing & exporting

Whether you’re using sea, air or road logistics, Ingot gives you full visibility of where your shipments are in one centralised platform.

Receive alerts about exceptions so you can manage any delays. Booking information and all related documentation is handled electronically, giving you back hours of your day.

Helping you crack customs

Overwhelmed by customs declarations since Brexit?

Ingot can help you automate hundreds of declarations each day, keeping you compliant and avoiding excess duty charges.

Stay in control of your costs

Do you ever watch your profits seep away with unexpected demurrage costs or lost delivery charges?

Ingot provides accurate shipment costings and automatically converts quotes to invoices.

Computer says yes

Frustrated by inflexible systems with a language all of their own?

Our team is here to listen to your requirements and deliver a solution to fit your business perfectly. No complex jargon, just technology designed with users at its heart.

Secure & scalable

Ingot’s cloud based solution guarantees 99.9% uptime, to support your business continuity planning.

We provide 24/7 global disaster recovery and routine upgrades, maintenance and backup as standard.