Antwerp XL free ticket

The Antwerp XL Main Deck Conference program, published today, sets out what will be an international masterclass on the future of breakbulk.

The conference will feature key decision makers from major cargo owners, shipping companies and consultancies from across the world, and will take place on the second and third day of Antwerp XL – the world’s only event dedicated exclusively to maritime breakbulk (21-23 April).

Mark Rimmer, Antwerp XL Divisional Director, says, “Our conference is lining up to be the most important exploration into the challenges and opportunities facing the breakbulk shipping sector today and into the future.

“We’ve assembled a line-up of some of the greatest minds and most influential players from across the sector and the world.  The conference will be an absolute gold mine of information and insight and anyone looking to arm themselves with knowledge and expertise as they go forward into 2020 needs to be there.”

DAY ONE of the conference will be hosted by WISTA representative Lena Göthberg, host and producer of The Shipping Podcast, and will feature talks on:

Global trends and economic impacts on breakbulk – Delving into everything from policy to the coronavirus outbreak and how you can expect them to impact global trade flows.  Delivered by three speakers including Igor Alves, South America Heavy Lift Transport Leader from cargo owner ABB in Brazil, and Matthew Watkins, Principal Analyst with a focus on steel at UK consultancy CRU.

Sustainability in the industry’s logistics chain – Exploring the realities of the IMO 2020 fuel sulphur cap and long-term sustainability trends and expectations that you must have on your radar.  Featuring insight from experts including Dario Bocchetti, Global Energy Saving

Manager of Italian shipping company Grimaldi, Pablo Rodas-Martini, author and Shipping Emissions expert, and moderated by Port of Antwerp Sustainability Transition Expert, Katrien Van Itterbeeck.

The realities of implementing digital processes – Taking a deep dive into how digitalisation can revamp your processes and save the breakbulk sector time and money, by looking at the latest technologies and how market-disrupting start-ups are doing things differently.  Delivered by Ann Lee Carpenter, the co-founder of US based breakbulk start-up consultant Braid Theory, and Steven Schutter, blockchain expert at Belgium-based NxtPort.

And a series of roundtable discussions on growth areas and the opportunities in the industry going forward with insight into Africa from Henrik M Christensen, Chairman of Honk Kong based shipping company Guinea Shipping Corp, and North America from Michael Richards, Bulk and Breakbulk Business Development Manager at US based Port of Portland.

DAY TWO of the conference will be hosted by Ann Lee Carpenter, and will feature talks on:

Incoterms 2020, contracts and customs – Exploring what’s new from Incoterms 2020, what to look for in breakbulk shipping contracts and customs best practice.

Technology and innovation for breakbulk projects – Seeking to explore the innovative tech solutions in shipping and the rise of the smart port, with host Ann Lee Carpenter moderating speakers including Hans Henrik Grøn, North Europe & Middle East Logistics Director of Denmark-based cargo owner Siemens Gamesa.

The Next-Gen Lunch – Shining a light on the skills, agility and out-of-the-box thinking needed in the breakbulk industry of the future, delivered over lunch by joint-chairs Christa Sys, holder of the BNP Paribas Fortis Chair on Transport, Logistics and Ports at the University of Antwerp, and Phillipe Fierens, ExSeCo Managing Director.

The day will close with several roundtable discussions on subjects including delivering client-focussed logistics, renewables, connectivity in breakbulk, mining and minerals and hinterland connections.

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