The FORWARDER Directory has just been recreated with cleaner data.

We’ve been through all the data in the international section of the Directory and made sure that every company deserves its place. The Directory is now at a stage where you can rely on the credibility of the information and know that if a company appears under a given trade lane it’s because they’ve listed that destination as one of their ‘Flagship 5’. Of course, we can’t do a great deal more than trust people to tell us where they ship to, but we do check the data as best we can.

The UK section of the Directory is on its way and we’ll let you know when it’s ready for launch. You can see in the image below a basic breakdown of that section as an example.

The whole thing will be going to print soon and you’ll have one on your desk if you ask us for it. We hope it will become the go-to catalogue of international freight services and specialisms. We’ve made it very simple to use and much clearer than the existing options that are out in the wild. It will certainly evolve and grow but we will always stick to that ethos of clarity and brevity. It should be a quick contact reference, rather than something that requires a guild qualification in order to understand it.

So, you have the international section. Next is the UK section, divided by region and subdivided by specialism. Then the services-to-sector section with specialist insurers, equippers, etc.

We’re always happy to hear feedback, so please let us know what you think.