The Cold Consortium, the refrigerated van conversion specialists, have switched to Labcraft’s high-intensity Megalux lighting system to ensure maximum safety for their customers in the temperature-controlled sector.

“We have been using Labcraft systems for about 5 years and now fit the Megalux Enviro as standard,” explains Cold Consortium General Manager Ian Gardner. “Even in the day-time, ambient light can be insufficient to properly see inside the back of a vehicle and at night-time it goes without saying. Also, at temperatures as low as -25 degrees, operators need as much visibility as possible to ensure a firm footing and maximum safety.”

With over 28 years’ experience in the van conversion industry, The Cold Consortium has tried and tested numerous internal lights and now, says the company, the optimum solution is available: Using long-life Cree LEDs, and producing a clean, white light, the Megalux achieves an impressive 480 lumens and over 260 lux, at one metre.

Furthermore, an integral PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor turns on the light at the slightest body movement and remains on for 5 minutes before automatically switching off, thus maintaining a safe and energy-efficient working environment, at all times.

“Plus,” says Ian Gardner “the lamp is virtually unbreakable, which is important, to avoid the risk of glass contamination when any food and open containers are in use.”

Installation, too, is made easy with the Labcraft system, whereby the ‘plug-and-play’ electrical design requires only a quick screw fitting and minimum alteration to the surrounding panel.

“Other systems require a lot of the insulation to be removed, which of course could be detrimental to the body performance. The Megalux however, only needs a very small conduit, so the panel is kept largely intact.” He adds.

The Cold Consortium design and produce bespoke conversions for all marques of commercial panelvan, including chilled, deep-freeze and multi-temperature applications.