Our reliance on European road and express freight has grown exponentially over the last decade or so. Advances in technology, environmentalism and other key factors have led to an incredible service, which can positively impact consumer lives due to the speed of distribution, new tracking services and an overall satisfaction with the industry.

Whilst European road freight industry can be overlooked by politicians, whom instead of focusing on the economic value it contributes, or the critical nature of efficient transport to European manufacturing strategies, it instead considers the environmental or social problems, rather than the sector as an asset.

This disregard for how important European Road and express freight is from certain people is a worrying sign for an industry that offers so much, to so many. Here at FORWARDER Magazine we wanted to examine the advantages that this sector provides many different roles throughout the industry in general.

Developments of Road Infrastructure 

If you have listened to the news, or read a paper, you will see the UK government is investing heavily on rail and road infrastructure throughout the country. This is an incredibly positive move for the country, and using the example of The International E-Road Network, which has had a beneficial impact on world trade, especially with the development of a strong European Union and the nurturing of valuable relationships as a result, we can see the benefits of road developments from this.

Whilst I am aware Brexit will have an affect (until more is said, and negotiations become more definite, I can’t, with confidence, say if it’s going to be detrimental or positive yet) this still can’t be overlooked as a major factor in developing the freight network across not only our island nation, but for countries across the world.


Speed of delivery is something that is vital for nearly every type of freight, however, the speed of distribution from express is synonymous with the sector. Making sure that products can be shipped quickly is an obvious advantage to the sector, however, it is not only distribution speed we can see as an advantage.

Other quicker factors such as the fact the consignee doesn’t need to wait for or surrender an original bill of lading to secure release because if it is an Express bill, it is manifested as such – so cargo release is immediate, meaning that this offers an immediate service for companies in the industry.

Save Money

The economic benefits when using road freight and express can rival the cheapest forms of freight. Every shipper using these distribution methods can expect to save on courier or postage costs as they can send the copy of the Express bill by electronic means, as well as saving on the bill of landing stationery. These may seem like inconsequential factors for many within the industry, but saving pennies through these means can lead to massive savings over time.


Whilst there can never be complete safety in the freight industry, European road freight and express have tried to push through many regulations that will improve the sector. Trans European Road Network through the harmonisation of fixed traffic signs and road markings, has had made significant improvements to the overall safety to drivers across the sector. Advancements in technology have also improved the vehicles on the road, making them easier to track and drive, leading to a safer environment for everyone.

Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine