Online retailers and the supply chain that assist this industry including distribution, logistics and haulage companies are going through exponential growth due to the effect COVID-19 is having on normal retail shopping.

However, there is a severe shortage of logistics property available in the UK and even if a company can find property that suits them the upheaval of relocation would impact operations too much at a time they can ill afford.

Temporary building rental company, Lauralu, talks to FORWARDER about how it has helped numerous logistics companies to expand their space rapidly in response to demand from 1,800sqm warehouses to logistics and loading bay canopies.

So why are more businesses turning to temporary buildings to give them additional space? It would seem temporary buildings offer the companies utilising them huge benefits; they are fast, affordable and flexible.


From initial enquiry, Lauralu tells us they can have a fully operational temporary building on their clients’ site within 14 days. Of course this timescale is dependent on the size and nature of the fit out of the building but in essence it’s a fast solution to businesses that need more space rapidly.

A temporary building requires reduced planning, therefore speeding up that process too compared to a traditional bricks and mortar build.


As there are no costly foundation requirements and all components are manufactured in Lauralu’s own factories, they can design, manufacture, deliver and assemble quickly and cost-effectively.

Temporary buildings having a shorter build time meaning a significant decrease in time on site and labour costs.

Lauralu offers flexible payment plans (FLEXI-HIRE), where clients can pay over a rental period to suit individual company needs. FLEXI-LEASE and FLEXI-BUY plans are also available.


A Lauralu temporary building provides you with a vast array of combinations of size, dimensions and technical options.

With completely flexible rental periods from six months to four years you can manage your budget and avoid costly and lengthy construction.

If space is at a premium it is easy to demount the building and store it until it was needed again, this means that for example, indoor spaces can become outdoor spaces in line with the seasons. For companies which operate at more than one site, relocation from one site to another takes a minimum of effort.

If demand for the additional warehouse space ceases to exist it can be dismounted and off hire at a moment’s nice.