Fleet managers, supervisors and company executives can now have quick visibility into key metrics and information about their mobile workforce from anywhere, using the Telogis Spotlight mobile app. Beginning in May 2017, Telogis Spotlight will be available as a free, complementary companion app to the Telogis Fleet solution, and will provide comprehensive analytics on key performance indicators (KPIs) along with access to useful vehicle, driver, customer and job site data. The information is delivered via dashboards and real-time activity alerts, highlighting opportunities to save money and optimise performance. Telogis Spotlight will be available for iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play.

Telogis Spotlight is an extension of the Telogis mobile resource management software platform and will be available to all Telogis Fleet users. Customers can use their Telogis login for Spotlight on iOS or Android devices and quickly view up-to-date analytics about vehicle health, driver behavior and other key metrics. Complex mobile workforce data is organised into easy-to-read dashboards that highlight critical information and areas of concern. Weekly emails help users monitor performance and spot trends in the key categories of safety, fuel efficiency and vehicle health.

“With Telogis Spotlight, managers can configure push notifications and get alerted right away about things such as a speeding driver, a late delivery, or a vehicle’s engine coolant that’s running hot,” said Mark Wallin, vice president, product management at Telogis. “The ability to monitor resources and react throughout the day makes a big difference when it comes to the bottom line.”

To address the challenges of managing a large mobile workforce, Spotlight can help decision-makers improve worker safety and productivity while lowering fuel and maintenance costs. Some of the additional information the app provides driver contact information and scorecards, vehicle location, engine diagnostics, job status and more that can be accessed via mobile devices anytime. This information can be shared directly from the app with the right people to help take corrective action and drive positive change within an organisation.