Technology has shaped the progressing future of freight forwarding, and this much has been obvious for quite some time. However, when we take the time to look at warehousing and storage, we start to see the amazing advantages new technology has created in the easier, making both exporters and importers life more convenient.

Technology has reduced the need for human intervention in warehouses. Whilst to some this may be sad news for some, anyone looking at warehousing from a purely economic standing must look at the huge of advantage technology has over human error. With more accurate machines gaging quantities and allowing for better timing between distributors, this can increase productivity, and benefit the overall end user.

The accuracy of which technology has shaped the new era of warehousing is astonishing. When shipments are received, they are automatically scanned and entered into a system. Then a log will keep track of where items move and are stored throughout the entire warehouse. This increase in accuracy has led to cost-effectiveness across the sector.

With cloud-based services, mobile technology, voice technology, RFID and much more new and exciting equipment being used throughout the industry, innovation is around every corner and companies are embracing this with open arms. Some companies are now starting to offer solutions to automation in the industry such as Amazon Robotics, Swisslog and Grenzebach. They offer new measures of picking and sorting that were once thought impossible.

All the data and tasks can be easily managed from a computer and can be processed at double the speed that anyone could do manually. This has led to streamlining and the wringing of costs from the supplier and making the market steadily increase its revenue year on year.

Whatever the outcome, technology will continue to help create more revenue, improve accuracy, keep costs down and, overall, revolutionise an already growing sector.


Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER Magazine