Leading logistics supply partner Stobart has recently won the “Co-op Environmental & Sustainability Warriors Award – 2021” awarded to “the Co-op supplier who has inspired change and delivered a project that has positively impacted the planet and promoted best practice”.

Throughout 2021 Stobart has actively partnered with Co-op to agree a measured ongoing Sustainability Road Map including a pipeline of key initiatives to be rolled out incrementally. The overall aim is for joint Stobart/Co-op operations to become more and more sustainable, through forensic governance and improved carbon efficiency management.

Three specific initiatives were implemented in 2021; a Carbon reporting process for inbound RDC deliveries enabling measurement of the environmental impact, introduction of Wedge Double Deck Trailers to carry more freight whilst at the same time reducing carbon emissions and, a review of one way backhaul trunking activity, utilising the extensive Stobart network to improve efficiency of the Co-op fleet.

A further pipeline of defined initiatives is currently in progress including a long-term project to review any further opportunities to transfer freight shipment from Road to Rail, along with an alternative fuel trial and a move to real time carbon emissions reporting.

“These important initiatives form part of the Stobart aim to be the most sustainable UK LSP”, said Stobart CEO, David Pickering, “Through our collaboration with Co-op, we are delighted to be recognised for our commitment to delivering sustainable initiatives that positively impact the environment. The ongoing roadmap that we have developed, in collaboration with Co-op, forms a key cornerstone in a cultural change in our ways of working. We are committed to driving continuous improvement and sharing of best practice amongst all of our partners”.