Any event manager will know that running a large conference, exhibition or expo is no mean feat. It’s not a job for the disorganised, and between managing attendees, speakers, staff, setup, marketing and sales, there’s so much to do. An event executive worth their salt will work tirelessly for a year to 18 months to get every detail in place for the day.

Social media takes up a big chunk of our lives. We scroll during our lunch breaks, on the bus, even while the kettle is boiling. The average user spends 142 minutes per day on social media…

This next question might be a bit of a tough pill to swallow: considering we spend so much time online, is your company really doing enough to promote your brand across your social media channels? Are you really utilising this free marketing tool for your products and services? One of the most powerful methods to target specific and brand new audiences. Do you know the secrets behind brilliant social networking? FORWARDER has put together some tips on how to maximise your engagement when posting on your social media channels. 

Pick your timing right

Peak times aren’t a myth. There will be certain times and days that different social media platforms will be more active than others. It’s wise to do your research, and remember: not every social media platform is equal. LinkedIn, for example, is used more throughout the week than it is during the weekend. LinkedIn users are most likely to be active for businesses purposes. Keep this in mind when posting on LinkedIn, particularly relevant to B2B-based companies. 

Twitter is commonly used throughout weekdays, however research suggests that the peak times for Twitter engagement is 8:00–10:00 AM, during the ‘waking up’ period. Most people check out the latest news stories and social media first thing in the morning. Another peak time for Twitter is outside work hours 5:00–9:00 PM. It could be safe to assume that activity during the standard 9–5 working hours are the least active for social networking on Twitter, with the exception of lunch breaks 12-2pm. However, if your marketing is aimed towards businesses, it could be worth testing the 9-5-hour waters, as companies are more likely to be active on social media during work hours. 

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms at the moment. It allows users to express their channel in pictures, creativity and links, and is one of the biggest forms of money-making for Instagram ‘influencers.’ An influencer is essentially a user who has a large number of followers, and is endorsed by brand to advertise their products to their followers through Instagram posts.

Due to a hype around Instagram, having an active account within the right industry could be worthwhile for your marketing purposes. According to research, Instagram is the most active during the following times:

However, if you make an Instagram account, make sure you post on it. Nothing screams time deficiency more than a dormant Instagram account with 3 posts listed from July 2012. Use it or lose it.

Maximise engagement

There are other sneaky tricks to the trade when it comes to maximising your engagement online. Using hashtags (#) can enhance your post’s interaction, as anyone who searches the hashtags (usually searching for a specific topic or keyword) is more likely to find your tweet/post. For example, hash-tagging #freight might generate interest from industry-specific social media users, increasing your post interaction rate. #freight #forwarding #cargo #projectcargo #oceanfreight #warehousing #courier #supplychain #distribution.  

Images and graphics will also boost your engagement significantly. Attaching an eye-catching image will draw the attention of the reader much more than a plain text tweet will. Try and choose something in the style of your branding – this will not only look consistent, but will also embed your brand’s style.

Make use of what’s currently trending –trending terms (sometimes in the form of a hashtag) are a great way to boost your interaction, taking advantage of the internet’s most talked about terms at that present moment. For example, the top trending terms on Twitter fairly recently was #NationalEmojiDay. It would be ideal to make these as relevant to your industry and followers as possible (see below for exemplar tweet).

Create brand opportunities

Creating brand opportunities when posting on social media is a brilliant way to market your services consistently, and it’s even better when you can relate it to everyday life for the user, e.g…

  • Christmas countdown
  • Holiday celebrations
    (e.g. Hallowe’en, New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day)
  • Weekly set posts
    (e.g. Motivational quote Mondays, throwback Thursdays)

Posting alongside events, holidays or themes will encourage consistent posting. You might also benefit from users searching the keywords (similar to ‘trending’, addressed in the previous bullet point), as social media users will be more likely to search for ‘Christmas’ during the holiday season. 

Social media can be an easy field to play once you do your research. Understandably, social media marketing isn’t for everyone, and sometimes it takes a certain ‘knack’ to master. Above all, it takes time and requires consistency. We understand that social media marketing is crucial for companies, yet can be difficult to find time to dedicate to. Stressed about spending time on your social media advertising? Freight Media can help, offering services for all of your marketing needs. From posting to social media maintaining, Freight Media’s team of marketing experts will assist you with how to get the most out of your online presence, targeting the right audience for your client-base. Want to find out more? Visit 

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine