Kyiv, Ukraine, Wednesday, 12th May 2021: Yesterday, 11th May 2021, at approximately 5:15am, local time, an Antonov Airlines AN-124-100M overran the runway after landing on runway 09L at São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), Brazil. The nose landing gear rolled out from the paved surface of the runway by approximately six metres. The main landing gear remained on the runway.

A push-back to the runway was requested once all required safety and inspection checks had been concluded.

There were no injuries to the crew on board, there was no damage to the 99 tonnes of Personal Protective Equipment cargo, no damage to the runway, and no damage to the aircraft.

The captain is highly experienced and acted in line with his training to handle the situation.

In accordance with the airline’s Safety Management procedures, all involved parties have been informed.

The airline, in close cooperation with Brazilian Aeronautical Accidents Investigation and Prevention Center (CENIPA), is performing an investigation of this incident.

Preliminary findings show the incident was caused by changeable weather conditions, which made it possible to safely carry out the flight, but in the second half of the run along the runway, the plane entered heavy fog, which affected the timely taxiing of the plane from the runway.

The aircraft has since been cleared to fly following all relevant inspections and safety checks performed.