++++ SOVEREIGN expects cost and time savings advantages for handling processes ++ Fast and easy software changeover to the new IMPOST ATLAS procedure with DAKOSY ++

Using DAKOSY’s Customs solution ZODIAK GE, SOVEREIGN Speed is ready for the new ATLAS procedure IMPOST, which Customs put into operation on January 17 specifically for the Customs processing of e-commerce shipments. The new procedure offers considerable advantages for the transport services provider. As the first customer, one of the leading parcel service providers will benefit from this early changeover.Since July 2021, SOVEREIGN Speed has handled all Customs import clearances for a large parcel service provider, processing all UK truck shipments imported to a central hub. Since the conventional manual Customs clearance of such large freight volumes is impossible, SOVEREIGN Speed has automated the process using DAKOSY’s ZODIAK GE software right from the start.

With IMPOST, SOVEREIGN Speed can further simplify and speed up its processes. The biggest advantages include the trimming of the 11-digit goods tariff classification number to six digits, which means that goods no longer have to be classified down to the last detail, and also the option of being able to submit future Customs declaration goods descriptions in English instead of only in German, as was formerly the case. What sounds simple has considerable benefits – there is no longer a need for the extra steps of either the previously-required translation of the goods descriptions provided from the UK, usually in English, nor the manual revision of the transmitted tariff numbers. Further improvements are provided by early status information on advance Customs releases and overall greater transparency throughout the entire process.

“All in all, we expect major savings in both costs and time,” confirms Martin Araman, Managing Director of SOVEREIGN Speed, and continues, “With the help of DAKOSY, we can quickly and conveniently switch from ATLAS Import to IMPOST and make the new solution available to our customers from day one. Many other large parcel service providers are only now starting to adapt and will not be able to benefit from the same advantages for several months.”