Brammer Buck & Hickman, the UK’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, is pleased to announce its contract with Siemens for the supply of tools, consumables, PPE and workwear has been renewed.

The initial contract with Siemens was awarded in 2010 and, since that inaugural date, the two companies have worked closely together to streamline the supply of MRO products and provide substantial cost savings; to date, these savings have been confirmed as over £6.5m. Overall sales since the start of the contract have been in excess of £85m.

The renewal of this contract with Siemens sees an increased emphasis on supporting sustainability, in line with its top position in 2021’s DJSI Index (a globally established sustainability ranking) for its industry group.  

The diversity of the Siemens contract is unusual. It represents the first UK wide contract to cover all Siemens’ business units, addressing an array of industries including healthcare, power generation, renewables, rail, traffic and more. To ensure consistency across all Siemens sectors and locations, Brammer Buck & Hickman developed a centralised customer service hub and maximised its digital platforms through the development of 21 business specific websites; over 70% of all transactions now go through a digital channel. 

In addition to consistency, cost savings have been a key factor behind the success of this long term relationship. Several major achievements have been made in this area. The introduction of Brammer Buck & Hickman’s Invend™ industrial vending machine solutions to a 23 acre Siemens’ site reduced annual MRO consumption by £400k (30%). A workwear rationalisation project also produced substantial savings of £100k per annum, by reducing the number of manufacturers from 51 to one with a group wide core range supported with stock available for next day delivery. Brammer Buck & Hickman Insites™ – essentially a dedicated branch within a customer’s premises – have also provided Siemens with cost savings at its Hull and Lincoln sites.

Commenting on the renewal of the contract with Siemens, Richard Hazel, Commercial Manager at Brammer Buck & Hickman, said: “we value the relationship we have developed with Siemens over the past eleven years and the commitment Siemens have made to us in return. We have delivered considerable cost savings for Siemens on a range of tools, consumables, PPE and workwear and will continue to do so, whilst ensuring we support the company’s sustainability strategy.”

David Cullern, Brammer Buck & Hickman Sales Director, said: “I would like to thank all our colleagues who have worked so hard in delivering the level of service required for this contract to be renewed. We will continue to work closely with Siemens, with 2022 seeing an even greater emphasis on building sustainability into every transaction, from product sourcing to delivery. In industry in general we face challenging times ahead, but Brammer Buck & Hickman has a proven track record that we should all be proud of.”

Brammer Buck & Hickman is part of the Rubix group, Europe’s largest supplier of industrial MRO products and services. For more information, please go to