The shipping community is appalled and deeply saddened with the tragic news that, yet another seafarer seems certain to have been killed in a drone boat strike on Wednesday 12 June while on board the MV Tutor in the Red Sea. We utterly condemn these assaults which directly contravene the fundamental principle of freedom of navigation.

Our thoughts and condolences go to the family and loved ones of the seafarer who tragically lost their life. It is deplorable that innocent seafarers are being attacked while simply performing their jobs, vital jobs which keep the world warm, fed, and clothed.

This is the second fatal attack in which our seafarers have been caught in the crosshairs of geopolitical conflicts. Three seafarers tragically lost their lives when the True Confidence was attacked earlier this year. And we must not forget the crew members from the Galaxy Leader and MSC Aries who are still being held captive.

Furthermore, we strongly condemn the attack on the cargo ship Verbena on Thursday 13 June which left a seafarer severely injured by anti-ship cruise missiles.

This is an unacceptable situation, and these attacks must stop now. We call for States with influence in the region to safeguard our innocent seafarers and for the swift de-escalation of the situation in the Red Sea. We have heard the condemnation and appreciate the words of support, but we urgently seek action to stop the unlawful attacks on these vital workers and this vital industry.

We hope that on this year’s Day of The Seafarer on Tuesday 25 June the world takes a moment to recognise the immense contribution that seafarers make to the global economy and the unjust circumstances they are facing in the Red Sea and across the world.

Please kindly see below the full list of co-signatories to this statement.

Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA)
Yuichi Sonoda, Secretary General
David Loosley, Secretary General & CEO
Cruise Lines international Association (CLIA)
Donald Brown, Senior Vice President, Maritime Policy
European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA)
Sotiris Raptis, Secretary General
Mark O’Neil, President
International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (INTERCARGO)
Kostas G. Gkonis, Secretary General
International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH)
Patrick Verhoeven, Managing Director
International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
Guy Platten, Secretary General

International Federation of Shipmasters’ Associations (IFSMA)
Jim Scorer, Secretary General
International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC)
Francesco Gargiulo, Chief Executive Officer
International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA)

Captain Simon Pelletier, President
International Parcel Tankers Association (IPTA)
Manish Jain, Chairman
The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA)
Javier Dulce, President
World Shipping Council (WSC)
John Butler, President & CEO

Source: world shipping