The Insurance Broker Ltd has been trading in Longridge, Lancashire since 2001 when it was founded by Mark and Rosemarie O’Connell.

Capitalising on Mark O’Connell’s vast experience in Marine Insurance, The Insurance Broker Ltd has developed a strong understanding of clients’ needs in this area and works to tailor policies to their individual requirements.

FORWARDER magazine spoke to The Insurance Broker Ltd about their day-to-day operations.


We are a specialist insurance brokerage with an in-depth knowledge of the freight industry.  We have been helping freight forwarders with all their insurance needs for 18 years and between us have over 120 years’ experience in insurance, meaning we can deal with any insurance related problems which come our way. We can also offer a full range of products using our extensive panel of insurers in this specialised field.

Full value cargo insurance is one area in which we specialise.  We offer open cover arrangements to enable Freight Forwarders to offer insurance to their clients, or alternatively the forwarder can direct the cargo owner to us so we can insure them.

In recent years we have developed a quote ‘click and buy’ system on line.  Your clients can now visit our website, and after completing some basic information they can obtain a quote, which, if they find it acceptable, they can then purchase online.  All documentation will be sent electronically by the end of the next working day.

Our rates are frequently checked against the rest of the market to ensure that we remain competitive.  If, for some reason, the request for insurance online does not fit within the parameters of our automated processing, the client will receive a call from a member of staff by the end of the next working day. This system makes it easier for cargo owners to obtain full value insurance at any time that suits them.

We not only offer the specialist freight insurances but can cover any of your other insurance needs through our ‘Non Marine’ department.  This allows you the ability to house all your insurances under the one roof while receiving the specialist knowledge you require for this complex element of your business.

We are an independent brokerage with a full panel of insurers and therefore we can offer competitive rates on all insurances.  All our staff undertake continual training in order that we can ensure that they only offer the best advice and the most suitable products for your requirements and those of your customers. Visit our website today, at