The freight and logistics industry is undergoing some changes, and businesses that do not adapt will be left behind. All these changes open up new opportunities and come with new risks. New technologies, customer expectations, and new business models are all challenges business owners must think about and solve. Luckily, there are services that could help you solve these challenges and be of immense help.

Use of Technology

One of the biggest challenges in the freight and logistics industry is changing customer expectations. Here, people and businesses expect their goods to reach them faster, more flexibly, and at very low shipping costs. The only way the industry can keep producing customized goods and delivering them at a lower cost is to make use of technology.

Some of the services that businesses in this industry could take advantage of include data analytics and automation. Data analytics helps businesses better understand their customers’ needs and find the bottlenecks that are making it harder to fulfill these needs. Automation, on the other hand, increases efficiency, lowers the cost of production and distribution, and offers opportunities to change up how the industry works to better serve its customers.

Identity Verification Services

Fraud has always been a big problem in the freight and logistics industry. It usually manifests in the way of a customer providing a false identity, which makes it harder to know exactly who you are transporting the goods to. To solve this problem, this industry should consider ID and verification screening. Here, the customer’s or business’s data is verified using the data they entered during the signup or purchase process to ensure they are using a real identity.

Once you are able to verify the identity of the customer by ensuring they are using their real identity, you will have played your part in stopping fraudsters. Many businesses will think this would be a lengthy, complicated, and expensive feature to implement. However, Cognito, a company that provides identity screening and verification services, makes it easy to verify a business’s or customer’s identity. Their services are easy to integrate into the signup flow you already have, are affordable, and can be implemented in as little as two days.

Charter Brokerage Services

Charter brokers connect businesses to an individual or business with a suitable aircraft. They act as a middleman and can source any aircraft for your needs. Their services can come in handy if you need your goods to reach their destination in time and with little disturbance.

Credit Card and Merchant Services

Credit cards have proven to be one of the best ways to pay and receive payments. There are lots of different companies that offer merchant services, including payment processing and offering card readers for your business’s use. Although they charge a transaction fee for every transaction you make or payment you receive, their services make dealing with payments easier, safer and faster.

As the freight and logistics industry changes, the need for solutions that solve common problems will keep growing. Most of these problems and challenges can be solved using services and solutions provided by third parties.

Ella Woodward, contributing writer