Bis Henderson, the multi-faceted logistics services group, has launched Secure Start, an end-to-end programme management service for customer-focused businesses looking for an on-time, risk-free start-up for their new warehouse or distribution centre.

Secure Start takes the risk out of expanding or setting up a new warehouse by ensuring a professional knowledge-based approach to making the transition. Tapping into the wide specialist resources of the Group, an expert Bis Henderson project director plans and manages every step of the programme, from validation of requirement, property procurement and design of solution right through to implementation plan, go-live and steady state.

Bis Henderson is uniquely positioned to help businesses establish a new facility and get it to peak efficiency as quickly as possible. The Group has specialist services that span award winning and market-leading supply chain and logistics consulting, recruitment provision, warehouse space brokerage, as well as training & development programme design.

Demonstrating the scheme’s wide appeal, under the first arrangement with a property developer, Barwood Capital will offer Secure Start as part of a value add package for its new speculative development in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Andy Kaye, CEO, Bis Henderson Group, says, “Taking a bold step like deciding to expand a warehouse or move to a new location is a stressful experience for most businesses. There’s a lot at stake in ensuring the continuity of customer service, the operational performance of a new facility and the cost-effectiveness of the whole project. It’s a highly complex process with many risks to offset and so it’s hardly surprising that the sector has a long litany of slow and difficult start-ups. Nobody wants the expense of double running costs or unhappy customers.

“We have the in-house skills to de-risk the process and make it happen. We have the combined expertise of our Space division and our logistics Consultancy for validating decisions, finding the right location / property and defining the most efficient warehouse processes for the scope of the work and budget, as well as the experience of our long-established Recruitment division for finding the talent and human resources needed to drive the whole operation.” He adds, “And the on-going development of staff may be catered for, too, through Bis Henderson Academy.

“Importantly, each project will have a single, dedicated programme director who will be responsible for delivering the programme and that person will be able to tap into the wider resources of the Group,” says Kaye.

More information on Secure Start is available at