• Transforming the way of booking shipments and handling information online.
  • Simplifying the online process from days to minutes.

Consolhub launched its first module in January 2019, focused on Freight Forwarders. Its platform offers a new way to book shipments online for consolidated ocean cargo. Today Consolhub launches its second module aimed directly to import and export companies, where they can benefit from the same services, significantly reducing times and logistics costs.

Small and medium size companies that want to import and export, face many common complications to do this process, they have to make many calls and send countless emails looking for the best shipping service options. In addition, the entire documentation and legal process is complicated and mostly manual.

Consolhub decided to create this new service, solving these complications through its online platform. Companies Importing or exporting can choose the provider that best suits them, finding more than 800 routes in more than 60 countries; they can compare competitive prices, upload and prefill all the documentation needed to book online. Consolhub simplifies their logistic process, making them more competitive worldwide and reducing their logistic costs that can be up to 20% of the product cost.

“Since we launched Consolhub for Freight Forwarders, we received requests from shippers that required Consolhub service and were looking for advice to ship their cargo; By noticing this great complication and looking for a way to support them, we decided to create this new module to offer them our online services” – Alan Ocaña, Consolhub CEO.

Consolhub is technology company, created in 2018, with offices in Washington D.C. and Mexico City with current departures from: The United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Consolhub is a Finalist of the Masschallenge program, one of the most recognized accelerators worldwide.