Leading supply chain and logistics consultancy, SCALA, has been appointed European distributor for Chinese technology company HYCO’s wearable barcode scanning solutions.

The product range, which includes ring scanners and smart watches, enables warehouse operatives to scan and process barcodes while leaving both hands free for work. This leads to greater efficiency, accuracy and safety, and has been proven to offer businesses potential improvements in productivity of 15-50%.

With HYCO’s ring scanners weighing 20 grams and the smart watches 245 grams, its solutions are among the smallest and lightest on the market. Additionally, HYCO’s patented scanning module reduces power consumption by up to 94% compared with other available products.

SCALA will be introducing HYCO’s hands-free solutions to the UK and European market, following their successful launch across South East Asia, where they are currently utilised by DHL, Walmart and Schenker.

HYCO has been an official global supplier of DHL Group, the world’s largest courier company, since 2018, after successfully working with the business on a range of projects in China. DHL Group now uses HYCO’s products in more than 10 countries around the world.

Phil Reuben, director at SCALA, commented: “Wearable technology is a rapidly growing market, with businesses recognising its capability to increase operational efficiency and inventory accuracy. Already hugely successful in South East Asia, we are excited to be the first to bring HYCO’s innovative products to the European market.

“Weighing less than conventional wearables, HYCO’s range offers improved comfort for the wearer, which should be an important consideration when implementing a barcode scanning solution. However, they also boast a superior battery life and shorter recharging cycle, which results in even greater gains in productivity for businesses.”

For more information, please visit: https://www.scalagroup.co.uk/ring-scanner/