Temperature is critical for many items such as fruit, vegetables, flowers and pharmaceutical products and if there is temperature damage you need to know quickly to notify all parties to address the problem, Smashtag makes this much quicker and easier.

Wireless temperature loggers provide many advantages over USB and other types of loggers. Receivers and forwarders of shipments arriving by sea or air aren’t always informed where a temperature logger is in their shipment and precious time is wasted by having to look and find a logger somewhere in the container. With Smashtag wireless temperature loggers, the data can be downloaded without having to find the logger itself, just open the app on a phone and the logger will connect automatically, download the data and send it to the appropriate authorised parties within seconds. 

Smashtag loggers can be associated remotely with all the desired parties within the cold chain so multiple email addresses and users can be recipients of the temperature data.

As the logger doesn’t use lithium batteries and has an IP68 casework, Smashtag loggers can save time and energy for those wanting to record temperatures on shipments via air, sea or land, or they can be used for longer term monitoring in cold stores and other locations. One application, for a cold chain courier, uses loggers to monitor the temperature in their smaller delivery vans, with the drivers’ phone automatically downloading the data periodically.

Smashtags are being used worldwide by customers in Africa, Europe and South America. As the product uses the wireless Bluetooth standard it has universal acceptance across the globe, unlike many other wireless loggers, which have legal restrictions on where their radio frequencies can be used. Japan, US and Europe for example all have different radio frequency laws and it’s illegal to use the wrong one, as often the military and emergency services have priority on some bands.

With a capacity of 64,000 rows of storage, Smashtag Chill can record a temperature every minute for 45 days or with longer read intervals, for at least 6 months. Batteries can have reduced performance in cold temperatures which is a problem for a temperature logger. However, Smashtag has fully tested its loggers at freezing temperatures for over 6 months and so users can be sure the product will last at least that long.

 We’ve been surprised by some of the uses people have had for our product. These include monitoring the temperature of water being used in a food cleaning process, monitoring air conditioning systems and quite a lot of private customers using them in freezers. I personally know my freezer is not the same temperature constantly and it can often vary by ten degrees or so! 

Matt Sims, MD, Smashtag

The product is available directly from https://smashtag.global and enquiries for volume users or specialist applications should be directed to Matt Sims at Smashtag.