ClickRF is the region’s first freight aggregator service powered by RiA, RSA Global’ s voice-enabled intelligent assistant

(Dubai, April 6th, 2021) RSA Global, a digital supply and freight forwarding company based in the UAE, has launched the digital freight platform ClickRF (Click for your Road Freight). ClickRF is a digital marketplace for all road freight services across the UAE and GCC region providing shippers and transporters with an aggregator service for fast, convenient, and transparent transport solutions. The platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and RSA Global’s voice-enabled intelligent assistant RiA. Being the first of its kind in the region, RiA carries out administrative tasks on behalf of ClickRF’s users saving them time and effort.

Through ClickRF shippers can inquire rates for any land lane within the UAE and GCC region, compare and negotiate offered rates, book shipments, instantly track and trace them, perform online payments, and receive e-invoices, amongst others. In turn, transport providers can bid and adjust rates for requested lanes, manage orders, manage their drivers & fleet, receive online payments, and continuously optimize their operational processes by utilizing the system’s smart data. All steps are facilitated via a transparent real time communication between the supply chain stakeholders through the single window interface WhatsApp.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of ClickRF”, says Abhishek Shah, CEO & Co-Founder of RSA Global. “While ClickRF solves major pain points of shippers and transporters at the click of a button such as low supply chain efficiency, increasing costs and lacking transparency, the platform’s unique feature is RiA. A first of its kind IVA (interactive virtual assistant) that is built on a groundbreaking platform of AI, ML and NLP. UAE is just the first market; we will be taking this across our entire network soon.”

“Going live with ClickRF is an important milestone of RSA Global’s digital transformation aiming at digitizing 100% of our customers’ interactions with us”, says Karthikeyan Hariharan, Chief Operating Officer at RSA Global. “ClickRF complements our digital Click Eco-System comprising ClickSC (freight management system) which will also go live soon, ClickRF and ClickWM (warehouse management system). All these systems are supported by RiA and simplify and accelerate our customers’ supply chains significantly.”

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