Rohlig SUUS Logistics has been supporting Bielenda, a leading manufacturer of natural cosmetics for face and body, in business development for 15 years. Initially, the cooperation focused on distributing goods throughout Poland. Currently, SUUS provides comprehensive logistics services, including delivering raw materials to factories, storing finished goods, and providing value-added services such as labeling
and co-packing, as well as distributing cosmetics to Western European markets.

Łukasz Kuliński, Director of the Kraków Branch at Rohlig SUUS Logistics, says: “Our collaboration with Bielenda demonstrates that efficient logistics are crucial for the business development of manufacturing companies. As our customer grows, the spectrum of our activities expands. In 2009, we began with distributing goods across Poland, including to drugstores and retail chains, and today we provide comprehensive support in the entire supply chain. Starting from supplying factories in Radzymin and Cracow with raw materials, daily collection of finished goods and their transportation to our warehouse in Kokotów, through storage and value-added services, to the delivery of cosmetics to final recipients not only in Poland but also to foreign markets”. The distribution processes are handled using both less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) road transport.

Comprehensive contract logistics

The aforementioned SUUS warehouse in Małopolska (Lesser Poland) plays a vital role in Bielenda’s supply chain. There goods are stored and picked into orders for pallet deliveries as well as e-commerce channel. In the dedicated co-packing area, cosmetics are repackaged according to the needs of final recipients, including into Self Ready Packaging (SRP) cartons, labeled, and sets and product stands are created for specific marketing campaigns such as Women’s Day. “We label approximately 80,000 products per month with labels in the languages of export countries, preparing them for shipment to destinations including the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Germany, the United States, Chile, and Saudi Arabia,” explains Łukasz Kuliński.

To improve warehouse operations, the facility’s space is divided into zones for specific groups of products, and the arrangement on the racks corresponds to the rotation. Additionally, a well-designed system informs SUUS employees which cosmetics should leave the warehouse first due to the expiration date.

Anna Szewczyk, Senior Sales Manager at Bielenda, says: “Why do we value our partnership with Rohlig SUUS Logistics? Because as our brands grow, as we introduce new products to the market, or expand into new points of sale, SUUS adapts to our needs and challenges, as well as those of our customers, and proposes further innovative logistics solutions. A prime illustration of this is the introduction of a brand new method, customized to meet the requirements of end-users, for repackaging Bielenda Professional brand products that are meant for beauty salons, among others”. Currently, SUUS handles seven cosmetics brands for the customer: Bielenda, Bielenda Professional, Dermika, Soraya, Body Boom, SheCosmetics, and SkinArté.

Source: rohlig suus logistics