RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett has welcomed a “totally different, pro-active” approach from the new Transport Secretary Grant Schapps.

The two met at the Department for Transport in London for the first time since Mr Schapps replaced Chris Grayling.  During a very productive, hour long meeting, issues from driver shortages to Brexit were discussed.

Following the meeting Richard Burnett said: “This has a totally different feel in terms of the Government listening to the haulage and logistics sector and I’m really looking forward to working with the new Secretary of State.”

He continued: “It’s good to see he understands the challenges we are facing over Brexit and it’s encouraging that he promised greater clarity on the processes traders will have to go through in the event of a no-deal at the end of October.  The RHA has been critical about the lack of clarity over new customs processes and the complexity of the tasks involved in customs form filling.

“He sees the challenges ahead both in terms of the movement of goods on the island of Ireland and also at the ports, including the Short Straights, and has promised much more information. He told us he would be as helpful as he possibly can be to the sector.   We look forward to seeing that in the coming days and weeks but his energy and understanding on the issue is very welcome.”