The Road Haulage Association welcomes a police crackdown on defective eyesight and calls on hauliers to check theirs.

Three forces – Thames Valley, Hampshire and West Midlands – will be stopping motorists to carry out roadside eyesight tests in September.

Motorists will be required to read a number plate from 20 metres. Anyone who fails will have their licence revoked.

Data from the tests will be used to improve understanding of the extent of poor driver vision on UK roads which is thought to be hugely underestimated.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “Road safety is our number one priority and any measures to make roads even safer are a good thing for all of us. Diagnosing poor eyesight saves lives.”

We advise hauliers to check their eyesight regularly and take advantage of a Vision Express free eye examination at any of their opticians nationwide. Please note, this offer is exclusive to members of the RHA. Members can apply for their free test here:

Non-members can also get a free eye test by visiting the Vision Express Vision Van.– a custom-built eye testing unit that travels all around the country taking the eye test to the people. To find out where the Vision Van will be next, just go to

The van’s next stops are at Vision Express at Tesco in Hanley, Staffordshire (13 September), and Knutsford TruckFest, Cheshire (15 and 16 September).

Did you know that an eye test doesn’t just check whether you need glasses, it can also identify a number of underlying health problems, such as diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure and macular degeneration.