Following more reports of gangs in northern France trying to get on board UK-bound lorries, the Road Haulage Association urges members to report migrant trouble to a dedicated helpline.

The RHA Calais Incident Reporting Line – open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – has been set up to make it easy for haulage companies to report incidents.

The RHA has always argued that the authorities on both sides of the Channel must do more to protect drivers but they’re still running a terrifying gauntlet of migrants desperate to get to the UK. Only recently a haulier reported that 16 migrants were found in the back of a trailer – as far away as Brussels – and in another incident near Dunkirk a driver was slashed when he confronted two migrants he caught breaking into his trailer.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “We are very concerned about the problem, which is especially severe at this time of year. This is a situation that is both out of control and totally unacceptable for those who are quite simply doing their job.

“The reporting line helps provide evidence and the understanding needed to ensure we are getting the protection that the haulage industry is entitled to expect.”

The number to ring if you or any of your drivers have experienced any sort of migrant activity in France or elsewhere is (+44) 1274-863111.

Callers will be asked for their name, what happened, the exact location of the incident and what damage was caused. The RHA will then pass the information to the Home Office and Border Force teams.