Renault Trucks UK welcomes the clarification provided today by Transport for London (TfL) regarding the interim Direct Vision Standard (DVS) star ratings. We share TfL and the Lord Mayor’s ambition to deliver the most effective and safe transport service possible in London.

We consider that the safety of vulnerable road users is best secured by a combination of direct vision and driver aids, so particularly welcome the consideration of a ‘safety standard permit scheme’. We see this scheme as offering a pragmatic and achievable way to secure the safety of vulnerable road users, while protecting the economic movement of goods and the viability of our customers’ transport businesses.

Nigel Butler, Commercial Director, stated, “Renault has worked closely with TfL throughout this consultation. While we have a number of questions regarding the interim DVS ratings communicated today, we hope that these can be resolved before the next consultation phase in the autumn. We believe the proposal for a ‘safety standard permit scheme’ is a sensible one, in particular if it builds on the learning from the existing FORS and CLOCS initiatives.”


He added: “Delivering a successful transport system involves many stakeholders. If all of these work to the same goals we can look forward to a future where London can continue to grow and prosper, while also increasing the safety of its roads and road users. Renault Trucks has a strong track record in providing innovative solutions to transport challenges and we look forward to continuing this through our work with Transport for London and London’s vehicle operators.”