The professional and courteous approach of Renault Trucks Essex has prompted Proteus Waterproofing, one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the waterproofing market, to turn to Renault Trucks for its first-ever fleet vehicle, the advanced 26-tonne Range C380 6×2 rear-steer rigid built to their detailed specification.


Established in 2013 and based in Rayleigh in Essex, Proteus Waterproofing is a single source supplier with an array of hot and cold-applied waterproofing and protection systems for every project from roofs to balconies. The company’s comprehensive product range combines excellent compatibility, a seamless finish and outstanding waterproofing integrity.


Offering long term performance, product reliability and a simple installation as standard, the company’s combination of hot and cold systems with a single source guarantee gives projects a durable, reliable and long-lasting waterproofing finish that lasts for many years to come giving the company its Unique Selling Point.


For Rozalind Richardson, Proteus Waterproofing’s Office Manager, the professionalism of Renault Trucks Essex’s salesman, Mark Edgell, compared to other local dealers, made the difference, as she explains: “Customer service was an enormous part of the decision making process and Renault Trucks’ approach was excellent from the outset. Mark Edgell treated me with the utmost respect, took the time to explain everything clearly and I felt supported throughout the entire process of buying our first truck.”


Rozalind adds: “The costs stacked up and the layout of the Range C cab was excellent, really spacious. Renault Trucks won hands down on both product and customer service and we are thrilled with our new vehicle. Having our own branded truck has been a fantastic marketing tool that has really helped to further develop our profile in the market.”


Delivering to sites and roof refurbishment projects across London and the Home Counties, the 11-litre Range C is fitted with a Wheelbase Engineering smooth curtainside body with no visible straps and a 2000kg capacity Dhollandia cantilever tail lift to form the rear enclosure.


Exceptional manoeuvrability in congested city streets is provided by the Range C’s rear-steer axle. To increase on-road visibility and safer urban operation, the bumper and grille are painted a unique process black with the cab wrapped in distinctive yellow; side marker lights flash with side turn indicators and the truck is fitted with a rear LED light cluster.


Securing the load for safe transport was essential in designing the body, as Rozalind continues: “It is business critical that the roofing felt arrives undamaged; it is liable to shuffle in transport and tip, causing damage. Our Range C features pull up load retention rings. The strapping on the bed of the 3rd party truck we were previously using was usually 1 metre apart on either side – we were able to specify every 500 mm which means the felt is secured much more effectively. We also have a rave-to-rave load restraint system suspended from the roof, which means the pallets can also be secured from above, giving us an additional method of ensuring the load arrives in tip top condition.”


John Holland from Wheelbase Engineering says: “This bespoke Range C was a high specification vehicle from start to finish; it was a very pleasant project to work on and Rozalind was very open-minded to new innovative ideas. The Range C was extremely effortless to body and is ideally suited to the application.”