Renault Trucks has announced the launch of its new electronic workshop and fleet management system – Optiplanner. This web-based system has been specially designed in conjunction with r2c Online, the market-leading software specialists, to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction, optimum compliance and vehicle performance as well as maximising communication through real-time interaction.

Optiplanner – powered by the r2c Online platform – will be used to service thousands of its vehicles across the UK and will ultimately see all dealers connected to the platform to allow fleet operators easy access to digital documentation.

The adapted platform marries together time-based event management to meet with Operator Licence standards and vehicle mileage-based events scheduling to comply with Renault Trucks’ manufacturer recommendations, creating a service routine or ‘smart schedule’” that offers the ultimate in compliance and vehicle reliability.

Derek Leech, Renault Trucks Aftermarket Sales Director comments on the new system: “This is a game-changing platform that lets the dealer plan work more efficiently to ensure maximum uptime for the customer and allows the operator to pre-plan work and allocate resources accordingly. It will also allow visibility to our dealer network for national Renault Trucks UK Central contracts too.”

Derek Leech continues: “With the mileage inputted, the new system can look up the service criteria for individual vehicles, automatically calculating which service operations are needed and schedule the jobs with the workshops ensuring the vehicle is maintained to the optimum Renault Trucks recommendations. This makes sure vehicles stay on track with service requirements, leading to increased reliability and maximum uptime.”

Optiplanner captures and holds all documentation digitally, including online vehicle history, for easy access and reduces the need for paperwork, filing and human error. It allows Renault Trucks workshops to schedule events for the lifetime of the vehicle, manage work into the workshop and manage documentation electronically through a touchscreen-driven workflow. This way, workshops can communicate internally with technicians, telling them what work needs doing. There is an in-built quality control system ensuring the standard of paperwork is high and meets both customer service levels as well as compliance with the Operator Licence standards.

As Derek Leech continues, “Traditionally the service information was stored on spreadsheets and wall charts, with workshops using hard copy booklets with paper copy service sheets posted to the customer. Now it’s all available at the touch of a button!”

Rather than chasing for paperwork, the Operator Licence holder will have free access to the stored online Renault Trucks service sheets in read only format for easy digital communication.

Nick Walls Managing Director, r2c says: “All documentation is provided to the highest standards and built in logic ensures documents are fully complete, ensuring no admin compliance breaches through illegibility or lack of signatures, saving time and increasing efficiency.”

As well as multiple operational benefits, Optiplanner is geared towards satisfying the DVSA’s Earned Recognition pilot scheme giving vehicle operators a new way to prove it meets driver and vehicle standards by regularly sharing performance information with DVSA. In return vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections.

Nick Walls says: “This is a first step towards digitalising maintenance record keeping which is widely viewed as being the way forward for the industry. Optiplanner is an effective way to support a fleet moving towards the Earned Recognition scheme.”

Nick continues: “We’re delighted to be working with Renault Trucks and look forward to ensuring that the roll out of our digital platform across their dealership network is as seamless as possible.”

“Renault Trucks’ commitment to customer efficiency is resolute and is always at the forefront of our business,” says Derek Leech.  “The system is being rolled out nationally with more than 70% of the network expected by end of 2017.”

Derek Leech concludes: “The Renault Trucks brand is growing in the UK and the launch of our bespoke Optiplanner will help to drive efficiency, reduce risk, increase cost-efficiency and generate a tangible ROI and its introduction is yet another great reason for operators to select us as their manufacturer of choice.”