Redkik’s technology platform was created with a strategic goal – make the logistics of cargo movements easier, accessible and more visible to everyone in the supply chain. By joining the network, Redkik has expanded accessibility to key partners seeking to have all their logistics needs met in one place.

Redkik enables transactionalized distribution of insurance policies to customers. It handles spot, annual, gap, warehouse, liability and so much more with its flexible design.

Integration allows coverage decisions to be made in real time without leaving the native environment and with instant coverage via email. Redkik also decreases administrative loads by logging each movement and monitoring losses for a healthier consumer relationship with insurance providers. As customer satisfaction is always at the forefront, claims are also made easier and localized.

Chris Kalinski, CEO of Redkik, Inc, said “Redkik’s technology helps solve the global problem of underinsurance. Together with, we can introduce ease into the insurance acquisition process right in the TMS or other customer systems and begin to remove the stigma that insuring cargo is too difficult.”

Redkik and have the mutual goal of removing repetitive manual work and data entry, allowing more time to accomplish core business tasks.

“The insurance quoting process is long and complicated, often deterring people from purchasing insurance as an add-on,” said Clark Wright, Director of Channels and Partnerships at “By adding Redkik to the network, forwarders can easily offer freight insurance to customers by electronically transmitting required shipment and party data directly from your TMS to your insurance provider.”

Source: redkik