Gravity Supply Chain, the newest technology company gaining attention in the logistics industry, revealed a teaser for their newest product to be launched in the coming months. It will enable logistics providers to offer their customers a solution to optimally integrate all areas of the supply chain so relevant managers can achieve the visibility necessary to make better decisions faster, decreasing the time and cost of getting products to the end user.

real-time sourcing visibility through to destination

“We will be launching another new solution, Source, to cover product concept to purchase order (PO). It improves speed and efficiency for the product lifecycle management and sourcing functions. Source can be used on its own or can logically flow straight into our Purchase Order Management solution, providing decision makers with a complete real-time view of their entire trading position from product concept to commerce,” Graham Parker, CEO of Gravity Supply Chain told CEO Today in an article published 29 March 2018.

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More real-time visibility to elevate service levels

For logistics service providers already using the Gravity’s Purchase Order Management (POM) solution this means a further elevated level of service by helping their customers, the shippers, connect their supply chain further upstream gaining unprecedented visibility of their entire operations, and the multiple tiers of partners and vendors that support it. For shippers, POM has helped to improve speed and efficiency from PO to destination. Source will allow these companies to see those same benefits along their entire supply chain. Both parties will reap the rewards of improved efficiency, alongside a better relationship and greater brand loyalty toward the logistics provider.

The Gravity platform “is collaborative based, so it not only lets users know exactly what’s going on in their own supply chain but also in the supply chain of their partners, their suppliers and indeed everyone involved. On average, our users are 47% faster and more effective reacting to supply chain issues than they were before using the Gravity platform,” said Parker.

External data sources to improve speed and efficiency

For freight forwarders and logistics providers not using Gravity the company has numerous solutions that are currently available:

  • Shipment Tracker: a real-time multi-modal shipment visibility and track-and-trace solution with exception management and notifications that place focus on at-risk shipments
  • Purchase Order Management: real-time purchase order management, vendor management and logistics visibility and execution

Both solutions include comprehensive execution functionality, the ability to integrate with operating and financial systems and thousands of pre-configured external data sources – including data from carriers, ports, news feeds and social media – so users can achieve early warning of disruptions as well as automate processes like researching and collating sailing schedules. All of which helps users eliminate manual tasks and information flow, by getting data directly from the source.

“With logistics providers and retailers, the vast majority of what’s happening with their supply chain and logistics operations is happening outside their four walls, so we’ve invested heavily into how we can bring data into a business from various external sources,” Gravity Supply Chain, COO, Darren Palfrey told The Loadstar.

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