Issue 82

Introducing… FORWARDER directory.
Paying dividends: CP Transport’s positive approach to container transport.

Issue 82

FORWARDER events: the year in review.
NNR navigating ocean challenges.
Transaid making the world a better place.

Issue 82

Introducing… RailX.
Ewals Cargo Care, from strength to strength.
NNR & air cargo: a pillar of global trade.

Issue 82

Introducing… Robert Nel, Headford Europe.
Exciting lineup for FORWARDER events.
Navigating employee engagement.

Issue 82

Move it Like… Dionne Redpath,
Europa Worldwide Group.
Facilitating Funkin Growth.

Issue 81

Move it Like… Billy Dawson, CNS.
All-island rail review.
Europe’s driver shortage.

Issue 80

Multimodal magic, a review.
Dronamics test fly cargo drone.
Silk Way West joins

Issue 77

Featuring… Kerry Logistics.
Kerry Logistics: facilitating UK–India trade.
Kerry unlocks Asian markets for UK markets.

Issue 77

Move it like…Chrissy Nichols, Atlantic-Pacific.
Machine learning: how can it improve freight?
Road freight absorbing rising operations costs.

Issue 77

7 ways to optimise end-to-end supply chain.
Customs and security enhancements in 2023.
New electric vehicle safety training course.

Issue 76

7 ways to optimise the end-to-end
supply chain.
Customs and security enhancements in 2023.

Issue 75

FORWARDER events 13 October 2022.
Slight easement to new customs deadlne.
Optimise fleet operations.

Issue 74

Freight markets normalising.
Real-time visibility.
Transport manager conferences return.

Issue 72

The Multimodal issue.
Featuring… Headford Group’s 20th anniversary.
Sustainability & forwarding.

Issue 72

Move it Like… Kerry Whaley, CEO, HD Forwarding.
Customs clearance: Cory Brothers has it covered.
8 Ways to avoid container scams.

Issue 71

Maersk & MSC halt Russia Bookings.
Impact of the Ukraine conflict on Port of Rotterdam.
Is the HGV driver shortage being addressed?

Issue 70

Featuring…Pall-Ex Group.
Cory Bros. on the last 180 years…and the next.
Reduce the noise with a supply chain solution from Crown SDS.

Issue 69

Combatting fatigue in van drivers.
Cory Bros: fire in the dragon’s belly.

Issue 68
Project44’s over-the-road rating app.
Haulage industry tackling mental health.

Issue 67

Multimodal 2021.
Cory Brothers’ deep-dive introspective.
Dangerous goods disasters at sea, with Exis.

Issue 66

Slack season short lived as airlines react to flat demand.
Kerry Logistics’ new Asia/Americas network.

Issue 65

Exis launches amdt. 40-20 IMDG code eLearning.
EXIS Hazcheck online.
Transport of hazardous materials.

Issue 63

Freight technology.
ProGlove’s take on the human digital twin.
Six ways technology will change trucking.

Issue 63

Pallet networks.
Move it like… Stephen Thompson, MD, Action Roadways.

Issue 61

Featuring… forwardingjobs
Post-Brexit efficiencies, Descartes.
Pandemic-proof supply chain, Crown Couriers.

Issue 61

The Brexit situation.
Become accustomed to customs.

Issue 60

Celebrating… 5 years and 60 issues!
Brexit briefing (new section):
opportunities & challenges.

Issue 59

Featuring… Freight Mergers Ltd,
with Alexander Jones
COVID-19 and air freight.

Issue 58

OnBuy, on building the world’s fastest-growing marketplace

Issue 54

Featuring… Freightabase
Technological advancement in the logistics industry

Issue 54

Featuring… Phil Denton, Ital
Positive outcomes for Lauralu

Issue 54

COVID-19 watch.
How the industry is working together.
Rethinking resiliency
for port operations
Global trade insights
in navigating supply-chain disruptions

Issue 54

COVID-19 watch.
How the industry is working together.
COVID-19 lockdown
…how has the industry adapted?
Construction logistics:
How will it adapt in a post-pandemic world?

Issue 53

COVID-19 watch.
How the industry is working together.
Futureproofing supply chains
In the face of uncertainty.
Get 10% off Sanitise Now
with our code.

Issue 52

COVID-19 watch.
How the industry is working together in reaction to the crisis.

Issue 51

How the industry is working together in reaction to the crisis.

Issue 48

A landmark issue.

Issue 48

The ‘Relaunch issue’.

Issue 48

The ‘Customs clearance & bonded warehousing’ issue.
UK: Felixstowe & Ipswich | Global: Western Europe.

Issue 47

The ‘Ocean freight’ issue.

Issue 43

The ‘UK & international courier’ issue.
UK: The Midlands | Global: The Mediterranean.

Issue 43

The ‘Warehousing & storage issue’ issue.
UK: Heathrow, London.

Issue 43

The ‘Air freight & airlines’ issue.
Global: Scandinavia.

Issue 43

The ‘UK distribution & networks’ issue.
Global: Middle East.

Issue 42

The ‘Hazardous & dangerous goods’ issue.
Global: Africa.

Issue 41

The ‘Supply chain & retail’ issue.
UK: Scotland | Global: Far East.

Issue 40

The ‘Project cargo & abnormal loads’ issue.
UK: North East | Global: Benelux.

Issue 39

The ‘European road & express’ issue.
UK: Yorkshire | Global: The Americas.

Issue 38

The ‘Air ports & sea ports’ issue.
UK: Manchester | Global: Australasia.

Issue 37

The ‘Temperature controlled & perishable’ issue.
UK: Liverpool & N. Wales | Global: Indian subcontinent.

Issue 36

The ‘Customs Clearance & Bonded Warehousing’ issue.
UK: Felixstowe & Ipswich | Global: W. Europe.

Issue 35, 'Ocean Freight & Shipping Lines'

The ‘Ocean Freight & Shipping Lines’ issue.
UK: Heathrow & London | Global: Iberia.

Issue 35, 'Ocean Freight & Shipping Lines'

The ‘Warehousing & Storage’ issue.
UK: Essex, Kent & Sussex | Global: C. & E. Europe.

Issue 31, 'UK Distribution'

The ‘UK & International Courier’ issue.
UK: Midlands | Global: Mediterranean.

Issue 31, 'UK Distribution'

The ‘Airfreight & Airlines’ issue.
UK: Solent | Global: Scandinavia.

Issue 31, 'UK Distribution'

The ‘UK Distribution’ issue.
UK: South West | Global: Middle East.

Issue 30, 'Hazardous and Dangerous Goods'

The ‘Hazardous & Dangerous Goods’ issue.
UK: Northern Ireland | Global: Africa.

Issue 29, 'Supply Chain and Retail'

The ‘Supply Chain & Retail’ issue.
UK: Scotland | Global: Far East.

April 2018, 'Project Cargo & Abnormal Loads'

The ‘Project Cargo & Abnormal Loads’ issue.
UK: North East | Global: Benelux.

March 2018, 'European Road & Express'

The ‘European Road & Express’ issue.
UK: Yorkshire | Global: The Americas.

January 2018, 'Temperature Controlled & Perishable'

The ‘Airports & Seaports’ issue.
UK: Manchester | Global: Australasia.

January 2018, 'Temperature Controlled & Perishable'

The ‘Temp. Controlled & Perishable’ issue.
UK: Liverpool, N. Wales | Global: Indian subcontinent.

December 2017, 'Customs Clearance & Bonded Warehousing'

The ‘Customs Clearance & Bonded Warehousing’ issue.
UK: Felixstowe, Ipswich | Global: Western Europe.

November 2017, 'Ocean Freight & Shipping Lines'

The ‘Ocean Freight & Shipping Lines’ issue.
UK: Essex, Kent, Sussex | Global: Iberia.

October 2017, 'Warehousing & storage'

The ‘Warehousing & Storage’ issue.
UK: Heathrow & London | Global: Eastern Europe.

September 2017, 'UK & International Courier'

The ‘UK & global courier’ issue.
UK: Midlands | Global: Mediterranean.

August 2017, 'air freight'

The ‘Air Freight’ issue.
UK: The Solent | Global: Scandinavia.
Market it Like… Katie Elliott, Freight Media.

August 2017, 'air freight'

The ‘UK Distribution’ issue.
UK: South West | Global: Middle East.
Move it Like… Idriss Al-Rifai, fetchr.

August 2017, 'air freight'

The ‘Software & Tech’ issue.
Regional Focus: Hong Kong | Japan.
Move it Like… Lee Griffiths, NNR.

August 2017, 'air freight'

The ‘Supply Chain’ issue.
Regional Focus: China | Scandinavia.
Move it Like… Stephen Carr, Peel Ports.


I was delighted to appear in the FORWARDER magazine ‘Move it Like’ showcase earlier this year. The opportunity to speak candidly about the success of our company, my influence on that, and the ingredients that contribute to our continued success was appreciated. NNR is a global ‘Premium Brand’ that, although established for over a 100 years in Asia, is not particularly well known in the UK. The feature in FORWARDER magazine offered the stage for us to future promote our business. The moniker ‘secret assassin’ and ‘largest company you’ve never heard of’ no longer suits the brand and size of our global group, therefore features like ‘Move it Like’ in a classy, glossy such as Forwarder Magazine are the perfect vehicle to help change that perception. Now I’ve recovered from the marginal discomfort of a little more attention than normal [!], I can reflect that it provided a strong and personal message that many of our key partners and customers read and responded favourably too.

Lee Griffiths, NNR

It was fantastic to feature in the FORWARDER magazine ‘Move it Like’ recently. The quality of the article and insightfulness of the questions gave T15 a great opportunity to be seen in the best light possible. We are a young, growing business and this forum has enabled us to promote our value to a wider network, within a sector that is going through significant change. I would summarise FORWARDER magazine as a quality publication that brings networks and partnerships together for the greater good.

Matt Perry, Transition15

In 2017 I was proud to be included in the popular FORWARDER feature ‘Move It Like’. As a leading publication in the logistics industry, FORWARDER’s unique feature presented an ideal opportunity to discuss my journey as a global air freight expert and highlight how Ligentia continues to meet our customers’ requirements through customised solutions. I found the process rewarding and my relationship with FORWARDER has continued to develop as my career has progressed to a global role. I would highly recommend being part of a ‘Move it Like’ feature to anyone seeking successful exposure in the logistics industry.

Lee Alderman Davis, Ligentia

Daily Groupage Services have enjoyed working with FORWARDER magazine over the last five years. Being featured on the front cover provided a great tool for my sales process and we used the front cover as one of our company brochures when meeting clients. As specialists for Turkey we also found being featured on a regular basis in the publication has generated us numerous leads and added significant value to our growth. We are looking forward to working with the magazine on future service news and promotions.

Sela Koydengoctu, Daily Groupage Services
Cory Brothers

We’re delighted to work with Craig and FORWARDER magazine. Cory Brothers appreciate the important role that FORWARDER plays in keeping all the major supply chain stakeholders informed, advised and sometimes in check. Craig and the team are clearly motivated, respected and provide relevant insights in a fresh and future-facing way; this is what we look for in our media partners. Congratulations on five years and best wishes for the next five and beyond.

Mike Bowden, Cory Brothers

For the January 2020 issue we redesigned the structure of the magazine
so that every issue has a section for the major topics (airfreight, project cargo, tech and so on).  But here you can see some of the topics we focused on leading up to that point.