As the construction of one of the biggest bridges in Europe is coming to an end, R&B Global Projects were recently tasked with moving equipment from the Pelješac Bridge site, located in Klek, South Croatia, to several Asian destinations.

The cargo consisted of 6 units including sandblasting machines, pavement machines and asphalt finishers – some being close to 3m high.

Luka Perman (R&B Project Operations) says; “The challenge for this project was the urgency. As the cargo was ready for transport just 2 working days before the ship-out date, R&B needed to act fast so we arranged for it to be treated with high urgency in our hometown port of Rijeka. As soon as the truck with the cargo arrived, the terminal prioritised the cargo and we reloaded it to various 40’FRs and arranged urgent lashing and securing to make sure the cargo was ready for the gate-in just a few hours later.”

The cargo was loaded on board as planned and successfully departed in time thanks to R&B Global Projects – a real challenge to meet such urgent requirements in today’s market.

R&B thank the happy client for their trust in the company and report they have secured future ongoing shipments with the bridge building machinery which shows their strong reliability and coordination.