To simplify rail-road combined transport, EUROGATE Intermodal (EGIM) is launching the cloud-based, all-in-one booking platform railMybox. This end-to-end product digitalises the entire transport process – from capacity planning and pricing to booking and billing. Useful web analysis tools are also integrated into the platform. With railMybox, customers not only benefit from faster, easier and more sustainable container transport, but also gain visibility and control. 
railMybox’s booking platform offers a range of user-friendly transport solutions, all from a single source. Thanks to smart algorithms and processes, customers can get their containers moving in a few clicks. As early as the booking stage, users are shown real-time capacities, rates and transit times for various climate-neutral transport options. Meanwhile, intelligent filter functions ensure transparency and enhance simplicity. In addition, railMybox offers a fixed price guarantee with no hidden costs or subsequent fees after booking.
railMybox markets EGIM’s own capacities. The platform operates entirely independently, which ensures maximum booking security for customers. Container transports can be tracked in real time through a user-friendly dashboard. In addition, all commercial documents, such as waybills and invoices, are digitally stored. Finally, automatic notifications keep customers up to date with the latest status of their transport.
With railMybox, EGIM is responding to increasing demand for sustainable container transport. The new platform combines climate-neutral rail connections, which use 100% green electricity, with efficient last-mile road transports from an incorporated partner company. If desired, customers can eliminate their carbon footprint by fully offsetting all emissions for a fee.
railMybox sets industry benchmarks for smart intermodal transport and digital logistics. The new technology is designed to support all customers along the supply chain.
“We are proud to be a market pioneer and to further advance digital transformation in logistics with railMybox. This comprehensive platform sets a new industry standard and makes our customers’ transport processes faster, easier and more sustainable than ever before,” says Christopher Beplat, Managing Director of EUROGATE Intermodal GmbH.