• OptETruck, an innovative truck fleet management system powered by HERE Tour Planning and Location Services, aims to boost efficiency and facilitates smarter trip planning at Singapore’s ports.
  • Companies that have adopted the service demonstrated about 50 percent reduction in empty truck runs.
  • PSA is on track to onboard more than 50 percent of the container trucks coming in and out of the ports by end of the year.

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, today announced that it is enabling PSA Singapore (PSA), which operates the world’s largest transhipment hub with unrivalled connectivity, to transform its container truck ecosystem in Singapore, with the goal of optimizing the movement of goods at Singapore’s ports.

Singapore is the top maritime capital of the world[1] with the Port of Singapore as the world’s second busiest port in terms of container volume. With global connectivity being key to its success, PSA is linked to more than 600 ports worldwide and handled 38.8 million Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) last year.

To maximize truck resource utilization and eliminate operational inefficiencies for Singapore’s container trucking community, PSA has developed OptETruck, a cloud-based transport management solution with features like automated scheduling and asset pooling for truck drivers.

Powered by HERE Tour Planning and Location Services, OptETruck allocates jobs to drivers based on their location, offering real-time optimization of routes and truck assignments. This system not only minimizes empty runs – truck trips without any freight loaded, but also ensures that drivers are allocated jobs in proximity to their current location. This improves overall transit and waiting times, drivers’ well-being and operational efficiency, while reducing carbon emission.

Companies that adopted OptETruck have been able to demonstrate about 50 percent reduction in empty runs. This translates to an annual reduction of approximately 10 million kg of carbon emissions, equivalent to planting 300,000 trees in a year.

Kushal Rajveer, Head of Supply Chain for Asia-Pacific at HERE Technologies said, “Working closely with the Digital Transformation arm of PSA, we designed a solution that utilizes location technology to address the specific challenges of the container truck ecosystem around the Port of Singapore. We’re pleased with the results from early adopters of the OptETruck, which has given PSA confidence to onboard more than 50 percent of container trucks entering and exiting Singapore’s ports by end of this year.”

According to HERE Technologies APAC On The Move 2023 study, logistics companies within Asia-Pacific want turn-key solutions that are easy to implement without expensive, time consuming, and labour-intensive system overhauls. This collaboration between HERE and PSA directly addresses this need by providing PSA with a seamless, easy-to-implement solution tailored to their requirements.

Sriram Ramanujam, Assistant Vice President, Community and Digital Solutions at PSA added, “Our close collaboration with HERE has enabled us to consistently push the boundaries of technology and efficiency in port logistics, and we’re thrilled by the initial results. OptETruck has met the needs of Singapore’s trucking community and sets the stage for a sustainable future, transforming the logistics industry into a well-connected and resilient hub, aligning perfectly with our commitment to contributing to Singapore’s vision as a smart nation. We look forward to continuing this journey of pioneering innovative solutions with HERE, shaping the future of port logistics and further solidifying PSA’s position as a global leader in the port and supply chain industry.”

Deon Newman, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia-Pacific at HERE Technologies said, “Together with PSA, we are crafting solutions that go beyond mere logistics optimization – we’re enabling PSA to set new standards in port management on a global scale. This collaboration not only enhances operational efficiency but also positions PSA at the forefront of innovation, ultimately supporting Singapore’s ambition to be a smart nation. HERE is proud to enable PSA in shaping the future of port operations and smart logistics.”

Source: psa